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Renegade Reaper -> fame button (6/23/2012 0:53:51)

i think the fame button should be moved from the link to your character page to your in-game character stats page. i think this would be a
good idea because a lot of players use slow computers and opening a character page link creates even more lag. it would also encourage
players to fame each other because it would only take a literal second to fame them. support?

Xx. Christian .xX -> RE: fame button (6/23/2012 11:07:55)

support, but i wish fame is removed to

SouL Prisoner -> RE: fame button (6/24/2012 5:07:21)

In battle, how you see other players achievements, the same way if you click on fame option, then click on the players stat page to fame him and out of game, you can click on a player and fame him there it self, this way it would be easy, fast and nobody would have a prob, clicking twice, rather then opening a whole new page...

But, i don't say, to remove the character web page button, if they did, then you must always .......you noe the rest :)

Coolkid1999 -> RE: fame button (6/25/2012 13:35:19)

Yup fame should be in game :D

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