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odsey -> Inventory lock (6/25/2012 6:15:23)

To prevent hackers from deleting our item, how about if we have a option to set up a password for our inventory(can be different than the account pass). Once our inventory is locked the player can only open the inventory by using the password for the inventory.

Does this idea is nice? if yes why, if no why

Killer666 -> RE: Inventory lock (6/25/2012 6:29:02)

yes a 4 digit pin or somthing. This would be very useful. So at the end of the day put all weps in inventory and you will be safe =) this would also detour hackers as they cannon buy items or sell.

gangster a -> RE: Inventory lock (6/25/2012 7:04:52)

what about if you forget your password then what?

odsey -> RE: Inventory lock (6/25/2012 7:14:06)

@ above Well when you set up your password, there could be a option to input a security question. Then when you forget your password for the inventory, you are asked the security question you input. For example: who is the name of your best buddy? what is the name of your cat,etc.

5rr5 -> RE: Inventory lock (6/25/2012 8:45:26)

What if you forget the answer to your security question?

Stabilis -> RE: Inventory lock (6/25/2012 10:17:37)

Then you contact the Lawman or AE Help Team/Customer Support.

Lycus -> RE: Inventory lock (6/25/2012 10:18:30)

Great idea, but I can't even attempt to count the sites I have forgotten the password and security question for. It's extremely easy to do, and it would create a lot of 'I can't remember my password to the inventory, nor can I remember my question answer, help me!!!', which would add a lot of extra work for us as Mods, the Help Team, and the Devs.

Honestly, I think it's a great idea, but is it something to consider? Not sure. It's definitely something I will raise for discussion since it is a great idea, but it's whether the cons outweigh the pros. It's certainly something to consider as an option, if we decide to try and secure it even more. Though, there is always the argument that people shouldn't be silly enough to give out their passwords to anyone and that it'll just be 'I need your pass, user and inventory pass', so the issue won't be solved. It may help, it may not... As said, it will be discussed, and thank you for the suggestion!

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