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fightR -> NPC jumping (6/26/2012 13:45:43)

I kinda thought of the idea of which you would be able to / command jump to a certain NPC, say you want to get something from Titan but he is all the way at Bazaar, you would be able to type "/goto Titan". This is very similar to the jumping system that AQW has and it would be very convenient say you wanna Jump to a NPC just to challenge them or to access their shop. Of course there kind of a way people already do this is using the finder bot to jump to that NPC, but of course, not every NPC has a shop to jump to. Also say if i wanted to jump to the Exile Soldier, but the one that was in Old Fortune City, you would type "/goto Exile Soldier (29)". I would want this to start out only with NPC jumping and possibly player jumping at a later point. So tell me what you guys think about this idea. Supported or not

khalidon5000 -> RE: NPC jumping (6/26/2012 14:57:48)

It's so annoying having to run through so many screens to get to someone.

Killer666 -> RE: NPC jumping (6/26/2012 16:25:22)

Agree, but make it cost, 2,500 varium, or 75,000 creds

King Helios -> RE: NPC jumping (6/26/2012 16:37:23)

What if there are multiple of the NPC?

EX: /goto vendbot

We could do maybe /goto vendbot4 or /goto vendbot-overlord facility.

Would that work?

My Name is Jake -> RE: NPC jumping (6/26/2012 16:44:36)

@AlphaReborn Why add a cost to it?

deoxy30 -> RE: NPC jumping (6/29/2012 7:22:14)

^ I think he is saying that there will be a teleporter in-game and it will cost 75,000 creds or 2,500 var. But buying a promo pack and getting the teleporter would be great!

Drianx -> RE: NPC jumping (6/29/2012 7:32:17)

I think there should be locations on Delta V map named Training Areas for various level ranges, like 'Training Area 29-34' for levels 29-34.

In each Training Area there should be packs of challenge-able Training Bots, like NPCs are right now.

This way you could jump to the appropriate Training Area and challenge bots one after the other, without travelling too much between them.

InceptionAE -> RE: NPC jumping (6/29/2012 21:40:31)

I support the feature, but not the costs.

Mr. Black OP -> RE: NPC jumping (6/29/2012 21:43:10)

$12.50 to teleport? That doesn't sound like a rip off at all. [&:]

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