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Drianx -> Enhancement capsules (6/27/2012 3:58:46)

Everyone is rather sick of having to spend credits and varium all over again to enhance every newly purchased item. This is a fact.

My suggestion is to completely remove item enhancements as they are now and implement Enhancement Capsules. Implementation rules should be as follows:

- A player should be able to purchase a maximum of 30 enhancement capsules with either credits or varium. The price for all 30 capsules should be about the same price players spent for 30 enhancements on their items.
- The capsules should be applied in the stats retrain window, rather than in item enhancements window. This means that in retraining window one will have as many extra points to spend into stats equal to his amount of capsules.
- Current enhancements should be removed from items, and people should be awarded with as many capsules as they have purchased for their items, but no more than 30. For example, if you have purchased 5 enhancements for a zooka and 3 enhancements for an armor, you should receive 8 capsules.

This way, you would only purchase maximum 30 capsules ONCE. Then you would be able to reapply them into stats when retraining regardless of what items you equip, hence there will be no need of purchasing enhancements again everytime you buy a new item.

I would also suggest that every character should receive an extra free enhancement capsule slot (above the initial limit of 30 capsules) for every rating star he has obtained. For example, a character with 5 stars should be able to have a maximum of 30+5=35 capsules.


friend18 -> RE: Enhancement capsules (6/27/2012 9:24:34)

That wouldn't work though... AE needs to make money. :/ If we got rid of the 10 enhancement slot system, AE wouldn't be making any money at all. And the game would get shutdown because it's not successful. F2P players constantly complain about not having benefits, but remember that they're playing for free. They're basically not doing anything to support the game besides playing for free...

Artic Savior -> RE: Enhancement capsules (6/27/2012 19:19:50)

I just don't like enhancements at all. i wish it would be removed but i don't think ED would do something to that extreme. I Barley want to use 995 var for a singe thing let alone another 1k var down the drain just to "Enhance" your wep.

Killer666 -> RE: Enhancement capsules (6/27/2012 19:24:38)

Im a F2P player, and Im from alpha, If it wasnt for players like me, This game wouldnt be here.

Zeoth -> RE: Enhancement capsules (6/28/2012 1:12:13)

You said your a F2P player. The payed players kept the game around not you.

On-Topic good system. Much better than the current one

spectra phantom -> RE: Enhancement capsules (6/28/2012 11:59:10)


If it wasnt for alphas the game wouldnt be here because they started to play this game in first place and they deserver a lot of credit, but even more credit deserver the elites, who unfortunatly were betrayed by AE team and forced them to quit by taking their infinite var

InceptionAE -> RE: Enhancement capsules (6/29/2012 21:47:33)

AE will never take out enhancements. I wish they would considering how lucky people get now a days. Before enhancements it was all strategy and skill. Now it's just complete crap. Person with fully enhanced gear and descent build will always make an 80%. No matter what. Back then, 80% was not bad. Now a days, a lot of people getting 90% because they have good builds and fully enhanced gear. We compare to beta, with no enhancements, they wouldn't have 90%. Enhancements just ruined the fun out of this game. Followed by agility and the nerfs ED has done.

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