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DarkFlameDF -> Realistic Jug battles (6/27/2012 11:04:11)

Currently most of the jug battles are impossible for someone lower than lvl 30. I suggest like someone else did adding a button for those who feel they are able to do jug battles but I have 2 other alternate suggestions.

One is to not force lvl 29 ande lower to do jugg battles and the other is to increase the benefit of lower levels fighting jugs. Currently it is nearly a promise of loosing most jugg battles for lower levels and there isnt a reason to stay in the fight.

comicalbike -> RE: Realistic Jug battles (6/27/2012 16:15:21)

i agree very unbalanced its not a fight at all

DarkFlameDF -> RE: Realistic Jug battles (6/29/2012 12:22:37)


Battle Elf -> RE: Realistic Jug battles (6/29/2012 13:22:08)

I think increasing credit rewards for Juggernaut is a good idea, but it could get out of hand easily.
In my opinion, juggernaut does not need to be changed, most of the losses that I suffer are from luck or just amazing lower level builds.

XxKirachanXx -> RE: Realistic Jug battles (6/29/2012 16:28:11)

I wonder if there is a middle ground of a sort, two level 29s is one sided in the favor of the jugg, yet a 31 and a decent teammate would beat the jugg 60 percent of the time, two 31s is just unfair for the jug....but maybe with the cap increase it will be different?

rayniedays56 -> RE: Realistic Jug battles (6/29/2012 19:13:19)

I haven't faced in Juggys on my Main in a LONG time (xD) but my alt has reached level 25 and is battling high level juggs now. I find Juggs easy to fight actually. I use a heal looping/strength tech mage on my alt and 8/10 of Jugg battles done are won :D

So no, Juggernaut is good the way it is.

Mr. Black OP -> RE: Realistic Jug battles (6/29/2012 21:09:15)

Increase encumbrance when you equip a higher level weapon and raise the levels to 31.

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