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Demon Emperor -> Partial Blocking (6/27/2012 22:48:22)

My suggestion is that moves such as double strike, berzerker, cheap shot, and rage with primarys should be able to be partially blocked. This means that, for instance with berzerker, the 1st strike could be blocked, and then the other 2 wouldn't be blocked. You could also have a critical partial block, where part of the move is blocked but the part that isn't blocked is a crit. Massacre would not be included in this because it is an "ultimate" move with 3 turns of warm-up. This would make the game more realistic and help improve balance issues related to blocking, because there would be a lower chance of blocking the entire move, and a higher chance of blocking part of it, making builds like str abuse berzerker less massively

Stabilis -> RE: Partial Blocking (6/27/2012 22:50:53)

Actually, this is a neat idea. I think that partial blocking and dodging bullets can be a great feature.

Partial: 50% damage... Full: 0% damage...

Nice. [;)]

Demon Emperor -> RE: Partial Blocking (6/27/2012 22:59:50)

How about more deflection variation too? 1/4 deflect, 1/3, 1/2, 3/5.... I don't think it should go much above somewhere around 3/5, because then it starts to nerf sidearms/auxes.

Drianx -> RE: Partial Blocking (6/28/2012 3:17:30)

I think this is a very good idea. I would love to see current blocks that absorb 100% of damage removed and replaced with partial blocks that only absorb 50% of the damage, just like deflections work right now. This would make the game less chaotic and a bit more predictable and strategic.

gangster a -> RE: Partial Blocking (6/28/2012 4:47:44)

this will be all very confusing for new players plus could cause lag

Demon Emperor -> RE: Partial Blocking (6/28/2012 11:32:06)

^ Why would it be confusing for new players? Its not something that they have to completely understand to have fun playing the game, and it won't make it harder for them to make builds/buy weapons/etc. I also don't get why it will cause lag.

spectra phantom -> RE: Partial Blocking (6/28/2012 11:33:26)

This would be better as ive never liked the rly old system with full blocks which only cause me to lose energy without doing any damage

Demon Emperor -> RE: Partial Blocking (6/28/2012 11:48:07)

^ Full blocks should still be possible, (dex builds don't really need a nerf) they will just be rarer and people with extremely low dex (like tech abuser mages) will not be able to full block.

liy010 -> RE: Partial Blocking (6/28/2012 21:56:48)

Some may argue that this would upset skills since the amount of Damage done by skills or even Different Weapons are different (Swords and Clubs)

Lets use just Normal Rage attack for example.

Wrist Blades deal 3 Damage in 3 hits on a Rage (Minimum) so that's 33% block chance per hit. This would be fair since all attacks deal the same Damage with equal block chance. All 3 attacks combined would be 100% chance to block.

Staves deal 3 Damage in 1 hit. Normal 100% block.

Swords/Clubs deal 3 Damage in 2 hits, first deals 1 and second deals 2. Now, it we were to split it 50-50, that wouldn't be quite balanced since both attacks are not equal. The only solution I could think on is that the second attack would have a smaller % to be blocked than the first one but god know what the % will have to be to make this new idea balanced.

Same applies for Double Strike, Berzerker and Cheap shot

If this were made, all skills would have to do even Damage so a Sword would have to do 1.5 DMG per hit or just change it to 3 hits.

tgod -> RE: Partial Blocking (6/28/2012 22:11:39)

No this would be unbalanced it would affect strength mercenaries more than it would affect a caster mage and would just add to the unbalanced issues

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