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Onroth's Fervid Rage

Also see Onroth's Impassioned Rage, Onroth's Intense Rage, Onroth's Fiery Rage, Onroth's Burning Rage, Onroth's Ardent Rage, Onroth's Zealous Rage

Level: 99
Power Level: 102
Price: 107,436 Gold; 75,205 Gold (Discounted)
Sellback: 53,718 Gold; 37,602 Gold (Discounted)
Location: Limited-Time Items Adder's Forge Shop

Type: Melee
Element: Fire
Damage: 13-37
BTH: 13

When the special occurs, the player receives the following hit:

Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Harm
Damage: 237.6% Base and Random
Stats: No normal stats; 154.6% Lucky Strike damage
BTH: «Hits automatically»
Rate: 20%

  • All normal Player attacks gain +4 BTH and deal *85/89 damage.
  • On the turn following the special, all normal Player attacks deal *(Initial Boost + 1.8*(1+(# of specials)††/100)).
    # of specials	1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8	9	10
    Modifier	2.818	4.654	6.508	8.38	10.27	12.178	14.104	16.048	18.01	19.99

    After the attack, the Initial Boost is reset to 1. Otherwise, the modifier becomes the Initial Boost if the special occurs on the following turn.
    ††This is equal to the number of times the special has occurred before the last normal attack was made.

  • and †† only apply to the current battle, and will be reset between battles.
  • Changing equipment (such as attacking with another armour) will reset the modifier.

    Channel the veritable rage of Onroth through his powerful blazing katana! May the user be wary of the price of his power...)


    Numbers and explanation thanks to Dev. Descriptions thanks to Avalonmerlin. Write-up thanks to BlackAces and Msyu. Image thanks to Avalonmerlin and battlemaster25. New Location thanks to Rafiq von den Vielen.

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