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Overlord's Dynasty

«Fully Offensive Mastercraft armor with slightly lower accuracy. Good against Fire. Has a small chance of giving you an extra turn.»

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Level: 135
Power Level: 135, Mastercraft
Price: 10,118,016 Gold
Sellback: 5,059,008 Gold
Location: Ruins of Alnaphar! Valley of Legends
Element: Fire

Melee: 50
Ranged: 46
Magic: 46

Fire: 43%
Water: 94%
Wind: 88%
Ice: 98%
Earth: 84%
Energy: 71%
Light: 78%
Darkness: 90%

Hits: 4
Type: «As Weapon»
Element: «As Weapon»
Damage: 161.551% Base, 161.551% Random, and 317.213% Stats each
BTH: +14 plus Stats each

Every turn, there is a 8.6*[# of hits that connected] / [# of hits attempted]% chance of invoking Overlord's Privilege* (re-named Celerity) for yourself and your pet, guest and item. The [# of hits...] parts only counts hits from normal player attacks, weapon Specials, and spells. If you didn't make any such attacks, then you just use a flat 7.143% rate. The monster can resist** this with a save, for which it takes a +0 penalty:
    Level: 135 vs. MonsterLevel
    Major: 200 vs. MonsterCHA
    Minor: PlayerLUK vs. MonsterLUK
*You invoke the Overlord's Privilege!
**The foe resists your invocation of the Overlord's Privilege!

The mighty armor of kings long forgotten! This armor grants such authority that you can command your enemies to give you extra attacks.


Numbers, effect, names and description thanks to Ash and Dev.

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