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THIS_IS_SPARTA -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 14:20:31)

I decided to go all [:@] and [:'(]

Anyways, I wonder how the Vladic knight will look like as an armor o.o

Glais -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 14:42:54)

SCMMs include, Mohawk, no contest. That's been my favorite Mech since it entered the game and the only one that beat out the HammerHead. Loki comes in second. I love the Lo0ki's look and it's fun to use.

Mohawk though...everything about it is so perfect! Head design is sweet, it looks like a war machine, and the leg design is really unique. I'm disappointed it will be left behind due to cap things actually, but that's the way the game works.

The HammerHead is another great one. Art is fantastic. Only issue...for some reason the scaling is incredibly strange. The Mech's height should be somewhere around the Advanced WolfBlade's given how the weapons appear on it. As a result it looks obscenely tiny.

Drakel Power Armor/Corrupted Drakel Power Armor looks incredibly smooth and Alien which I love. Shame other Planets haven't had a signature "look" for their Mechs that worked as amazingly.

Postmaster General -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 14:48:56)

Drakel Power Armor is nice, yes.

Let's not forget the BC Warrior. Clever dialogue in addition to cool specials? Thank you very much.

megaman3234 -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 15:55:07)

so is this the major MQ annoucement?

EinhanderX01 -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 16:33:34)

My personal Mech Favorites in no particular order:
  • All SCMMs EXCEPT: Skysplitter, BC, and Imbiber.
  • All Christmas mechs EXCEPT: Gingerbread Mecha.
  • All Arthurian mechs
  • All Pirate mechs - Though I especially like the Pirate Sniper
  • Vladic Knight
  • Sepulchure
  • Skullcrusher
  • Chrono Corruptor
  • Advanced House Mechs
  • Corrupted House Mechs
  • Decimator
  • Behemoth
  • Loki
  • Headless Horsemecha
  • Liberty
  • Delta Star
  • TerriFi
  • Corrupted Drakel Armor
  • Mogloween Edition Dark Hunter
  • Guardian (The Museum Verified Mech)
  • Riptide (The Verified Mech at Tek's)
  • GlaDERP Security B

    And that should be about it for now.

  • ScytheOfShadows -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 17:26:41)

    Wow, the VK as an AQW armor? Just because we like it doesn't mean it will look good.

    Since most AQW armors don't come with a default weapon appearance - I dread to think what the VK will look like without the Vladic Blade.

    Anyway, favourite mecha...?

    - Derpmachine
    - Sepulchure Ultimate
    - Chronocorruptor
    - HHM
    - Trog

    seventy two -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 17:49:28)

    I think VK would look fine without the blade, almost more feral without it.

    Personally I love mechas that are not bipedal so the Tank, Trog, and Geektron Quadruped are some favorites. Otherwise the hovering Shs series are another favorite.(Decimator, Hoverscythe)

    Gamemastersam -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 18:48:29)

    If they told us what this was for, i dont think the VK would be the winner. probably the loki or something

    Hoggs Bison -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 18:53:09)


    They already have LoKi based armor...

    Dev -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 19:12:30)

    To clarify, this is not the major announcement.

    Selutu -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 21:12:32)

    I think its going to look fine.

    As for my favorite mechas art-wise....

  • Hunter Eidolon
  • Lord Mechula
  • HHM
  • Sepulchure Ultimate
  • Guardian
  • Shadowhawk
  • Advance Hawk
  • Decimator
  • Hoverscythe B
  • Tyranno
  • SDF Rebel

  • The Cow says MOO -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 22:25:57)

    Vladic Knight
    PRIMO JAMESON!! (Seriously, it looks good and buff and AWESOME)

    But with Primo Jameson, I'm truly worried that AQW will make the Jameson mask AC/Mem, then if they choose the Primo Jameson, it'll look terrible.

    Vladic Knight without the head and the sword, gulp

    kasama999 -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 22:30:18)

    Delta Star and Delta Star only.

    2god2 -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/17/2012 22:45:04)

    Dark Lord Mechula
    Not only the most epic art but also the name

    PD -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/18/2012 0:23:55)

    The Headless Horsemech was definately my favorite design of all time.

    Megadragonknight -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/18/2012 8:20:58)

    i would select this mechas based on how attractive their designs are to me but it is not in order on which is top 1,2 or 3.
    6)vladic knight
    7)flavescent chrono
    10)milziiga sniegapika
    11)valkyrie prime

    For the oppoenets, not so much but here are only a few that i would pick
    1)J6 mech, definitely, i always hope to have his mech.

    Trapper King -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/18/2012 9:30:39)

    Valkyrie Prime
    Vladic Knight
    Mechula(the one with the awesome cape)

    Calogero -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/18/2012 16:20:05)

    PowerMerged War Armor
    Shadowed Arthurian Lion

    not counting but Galactimech :P It's been years and I still want that badas

    Glais -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/18/2012 16:22:20)

    I feel bad forgetting GalactiMech. It looks amazing.

    The Gilded DragonSlayer -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/18/2012 18:41:32)

    - Drakel Power Armor
    - Mohawk
    - Vladic Knight
    - Morehawk
    - Adamantium Falcon
    - Galactimech

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