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Lord's Clout

«Mastercraft Magic Fire weapon with a small inaccurate lean. Attacks with the weapon can make the monster Burn.»

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Level: 75
Power Level: 75, Mastercraft
Price: 9,682 Gold
Sellback: 4,841 Gold
Location: Ruins of Alnaphar! Valley of Legends

Type: Magic
Element: Fire
Damage: 9-23
BTH: 9

Hits: 4
Type: Ranged
Element: Fire
Damage: 232.75% Base and Random each
Stats: No normal stats; 148.75% Lucky Strike damage each
BTH: +32 each
Rate: 20%

  • All normal Player attack and weapon Specials with the weapon deal *85/83 damage but take -2 BTH
  • Whenever you attack using the weapon, there is a [# of hits that connected]/[# of hits attempted]*15.1% chance of attempting to inflict Flames of the Lord (re-named Burn)*. This has a level of 75, power of 2, and lasts for 2 rounds, dealing 7-46 damage each round. Fire-element monsters** and monsters with Burn Immunity*** are not affected by this. The monster takes a penalty of -20 to its save:
      Level: 75 vs. MonsterLevel
      Major: PlayerINT vs. MonsterCHA
      Minor: PlayerLUK vs. MonsterLUK
  • If the monster is already affected by Flames of the Lord, all attacks with the weapon will deal 105% damage instead††. This will also happen if you used Lord's Renewal to inflict the status.

    If you also have an armor and a shield of the set equipped, the weapon's Special gains an additional hit:
      Type: Ranged
      Element: Fire
      Damage: 341.4% Base and Random
      Stats: No normal stats; 218.2% Lucky Strike damage
      BTH: +32
    *The flames from Lord's Clout begin to consume your foe!
    **Creatures of Fire are immune to the flames of your blade!
    ***This foe is immune to Burning!
    Your foe manages to avoid being further burned by your sword's flames!
    ††The flames surrounding your foe cause the flames of your blade to blaze even hotter!

    The fiery sword of kings long forgotten! This sword’s magical flames will leave an opponent severely burned.


    Numbers, names, description and effects courtesy of Ash. Additional thanks to BlackAces, Dev, Xrai and RedEyedDrake. Update thanks to In Media Res.

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