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Forgotten's Intimidating Totem

Also see: Forgotten's Grim Totem, Forgotten's Ghastly Totem, Forgotten's Harrowing Totem

Level: 120
Power Level: 120, Mastercraft
Price: 1,057,377 Gold
Sellback: 528,688 Gold
Location: Ruins of Alnaphar! - Quest for the Twilight Set
Element: Darkness

Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage: 10-31
BtH: 15%

Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage: 395.4% Base and Random
Stats: 766.7%
BtH: +19 plus Stats
Rate: 80%

Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage: 659% Base and Random
Stats: 1277.9%
BTH: +19 plus Stats
Rate: 20%

Whenever you cast a Darkness spell, there is a 21*(Number of hits attempted/Number of hits connected)% chance to inflict Afraid on the monster. Monster takes a +0 to its roll, lasts 2 turns. This might not be working properly with multi-element spells.
    Level: 120 vs MonsterLevel
    Major: YourINT vs MonsterCHA
    Minor: YourLuck vs MonsterLuck

*The dark energies of your spell resonate with those of your Forgotten's Intimidating Totem, filling the enemy with Fear!
**Your spell's dark nature is frightening, but your foe stands strong!
***Creatures of Darkness are immune to the frightening energy from the Forgotten's Intimidating Totem.
****This foe is Fearless!

When the monster is inflicted with Afraid, every turn, there is a Monster DarknessResistance/2 chance of it not acting.

This grisly totem is fashioned from the bones of the dead, a symbol of the power the Forgotten wield. Its dark power enhances Darkness spells, granting them the added ability to strike fear in your enemies' hearts!

Image thanks to Windy. Write-up thanks to Avalonmerlin. Special thanks to BlackAces and Dev for info. Numbers for the Special thanks to Rasudido. Correction thanks to Xrai and ayashi


The specials start off as 460% Base, Random and 892% Stats, with +15 BTH.
  • Special #1 deals 90% damage, and so it's a typical "bow attack", or an attack of a mid-defensive armor.
  • Special #2 deals 150% damage.

    These average out as 102% damage, which is equivalent to other bows that don't have an "actual" special attack.
In addition, both specials gain +4 BTH but deal *85/89 damage.

The Mastercraft bonus is used for the ability to make the monster afraid when casting Darkness spells.

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