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Insurmountable Gatekeeper

Also see Resolute Gatekeeper, Tenacious Gatekeeper, Intrepid Gatekeeper, Stalwart Gatekeeper, Undaunted Gatekeeper, Valiant Gatekeeper, Indomitable Gatekeeper

Level: 140
Power Level: 150, Mastercaft
Price: 13,475 Z-Tokens
Sellback: 12,127 Z-Tokens for the first 48 hours, then 6,737 Z-Tokens
Location: Z-Token Item Shop
Element: Neutral

Melee: 53
Ranged: 51
Magic: 49

Fire: 57%
Water: 90%
Wind: 84%
Ice: 90%
Earth: 84%
Energy: 68%
Light: 57%
Darkness: 40%

Hits: 2
Type: «As weapon»
Element: «As weapon»
Damage: 281.6% Base, 281.6% Random, and 558.1% Stats each
BTH: +16 plus Stats each
Rate: 33.(3)%

Hits: 1
Type: «As weapon»
Element: «As weapon»
Damage: 550% Base, 550% Random, and 1090% Stats
BTH: +18 plus Stats
Rate: 33.(3)%

Hits: 1
Type: «As weapon»
Element: «As weapon»
Damage: 537.4% Base, 537.4% Random, and 1064.9% Stats each
BTH: +20 plus Stats each
Rate: 33.(3)%

  • Armor has a 1.79% chance of getting a guaranteed block against any independent hit that is not supposed to be unmissable, regardless of your stats, defenses or the hit's accuracy.
  • Every turn, there is a 4.205*[# of hits that connected] / [# of hits attempted]% chance of invoking Gatekeeper's Privilege* (re-named Celerity) for yourself and your pet, guest and item. The [# of hits...] parts only counts hits from normal player attacks, weapon Specials, and spells. If you didn't make any such attacks, then you just use a flat 3.57% rate. The monster can resist** this with a save, for which it takes a +0 penalty:
      Level: 150 vs. MonsterLevel
      Major: 200 vs. MonsterCHA
      Minor: PlayerLUK vs. MonsterLUK
    *You invoke the Gatekeeper's Privilege!
    **The foe resists your invocation of the Gatekeeper's Privilege!

    The hybrid armor of Halliphax, Gatekeeper of Alnaphar, is a cross of Reign Plate and the Shadow Cloak. Possesses three attacks, each with bonuses.


    Numbers, names and description thanks to Dev. Write-up thanks to AVA. Image and attack stats thanks to BlackAces. Additional thanks to Balu, Shadow Genesis and Macho Man. Corrections thanks to Prince Alteon and Keno Chao.


    Starts off as an average armor (not offensive/defensive), which is 550% Base, Random and 1090% Stats, with 18 BTH.
  • Attack #1 deals *85/83 damage, but takes -2 BTH. Since there are two hits, each hit deals 50% damage.
  • Attack #2 is a standard 1-hit attack, with no leans.
  • Attack #3 deals *85/87 damage, but gains +2 BTH.

    The armor's Mastercraft bonus is used to give the armor a small chance to block any incoming hit that is not supposed to be unmissable and a small chance for an extra turn each round.

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