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magmartorlx -> Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (7/23/2012 5:22:55)

Warmonger Skeleton Crew

We are a group of Dragonfable Warmongers that fight around midnight and early morning forum time.

Requirements to Join:
Fight in Dragonfable wars around midnight and early morning
Be on the forums frequently
Be polite on forums
Contact me via PM if you wish to join. I will watch and decide if you are welcome to join
The clan only accepts new members during a war

Get a banner for this thread
Make custom signatures for all members
Get someone to make custom signatures
Become a well known clan
Decide on a clan motto
Update this thread later to make it more showy

One: magmartorlx [Leader]
Two: Kingofthedeamons
Three: assa49
Four: Frost Moglin
Five: nield
Six: deatharrows
Seven: Starsaber88
Eight: dragon_monster

Dragon Heros

Forums: I don't fully understand why I need this, but here it is.

geoffthoma -> RE: Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (8/9/2012 16:06:58)


Frost Moglin -> RE: Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (8/10/2012 14:47:46)

Magma, if you accept, i can make this page a bit better. After war, of course.

deatharrows -> RE: Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (10/3/2012 21:51:21)

Magma, I would like to request to join your guild. As I've already said I play wars immediately after they come out and I'm very polite on the forums. So I'd like to join the Skeleton Crew come the dock wars. When the next war begins please PM me saying if i can or can't join the Skeleton Crew.

Rafiq von den Vielen -> RE: Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (10/20/2012 5:10:49)

[no rant just notification]

It would have at least been nice of your leader to inform me my application had been viewed/neglected/whatever, basically. Since that has not happened I retract my application.

[end of notification that totally sounds like a rant]

Rider of Firnen -> RE: Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (11/26/2012 19:08:24)

I would like to join this guild megmatorix,if you will have me

armvis -> RE: Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (1/24/2013 8:43:38)

I would like to join. unfortunately, my favorite-ish armor is entropy, and it has really long animations. its tied with timekiller though, and that isn't so bad.

aaanyway, I'll PM you. PS- I'm doing this at 7:42 in the morning. I'm disappointed. I usually get up WAY earlier.

Frost Moglin -> RE: Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (3/27/2013 12:45:34)

Mayby making the Bards of War your ally when it gets accepted?

deatharrows -> RE: Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (4/21/2013 8:33:52)

Frost? Who are the Bards of War? Seriously who're they?

Yahia700 -> RE: Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (5/17/2013 10:58:30)

hello there guys , can i join you too , here my chara page : http://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=872959 nice huh :)
anyway , if you like me to join , please pm me ( am a daily full player , wanna reach level 80 at all cost )

Flabagast -> RE: Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (1/16/2017 6:54:19)

Mamartolx, my good man! I think you'll find I have sufficient grounds to become an official member, due to my contribution to the Black Winter War during the Skeleton Hours. I would be humbled and appreciative if you were to accept my request.

TankMode -> RE: Warmonger Skeleton Crew [DF] (6/9/2021 0:31:12)

well sure but had to start over since i havnt played in 11 years and cant get old account back

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