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Imaru's Treasure

Location: Osprey Cove (Books 1 and 2) -> Right -> Serenity Okami -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: July 27th, 2012

Objective: Imaru has a treasure he hasn't told Serenity about? He better hope he can calm her down. Otherwise he's not going to want to escape the ninja.
Objective completed: Serenity is Imaru's treasure. Makes sense. Perhaps now they can find their own "happily ever after"

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(10) Dualblade Assasin
(5) Shadow Monkee
(17) Shadowblade Master
(1) Shadowblade Master - Boss

Serenity Okami

Imaru's Ember (I-VI)
Serenity Scythe (I-VI)

Serenity Okami: Hero, I need your help desperately! My fiancee has been kidnapped.

  • Quest!

    Loads Serenity Okami as Guest A.

    *Barnaclebukkit and Imaru are in Osprey Cove's inn*

    Barnaclebukkit: Hey Captain Imaru, I know where a treasure is hidden.
    Barnaclebukkit: We could go sailing for it tomorrow!
    Captain Imaru: Nay, I already have my treasure.

    *Two ninjas appear and look at them through the inn's window*

    *Scene changes. While Imaru is walking on the docks, the two ninjas sneak behind him*


    *Scene changes. Serenity Okami meets with the character*

    ???: <Character>!
    Serenity Okami: Oh, <Character>! I have heard of your great deeds! I need your help to rescue my bold Pirate Captain from the Ninja!
    <Character>: Whoa, wait, ... What?!
    Serenity Okami: They want his treasure. Look!

    *Serenity Okami shows the character the following letter: "Bring Captain Imaru's Treasure to our ship on the dock tonight or else..."*

    Serenity Okami: And if I find out he's been hiding treasure on me, he's going to be begging the ninja to save him from me.
    <Character>: Oh.. um, well I guess I could help.
    Serenity Okami: Thank you! Let's go!!!

    *Serenity Okami leaves the scene*

    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Boy do I not want to be this guy right now...

    *The character follows Serenity Okami*

    You are now on a ninja ship. You need to fight the ninjas and get to Imaru's prison cell*

    Loads Imaru as Guest B.

    Imaru: Serenity!
    Serenity Okami: Imaru!
    Imaru: Open the lock quickly... they might be coming back.
    <Character>: Um..
    Serenity Okami: What's this about a treasure? The ninja want your treasure!
    <Character>: Yeah, about that...
    Imaru: Oh, is that all? Well, they can't have my treasure...
    Imaru: YOU are my treasure, Serenity!
    <Character>: Aww, that's sweet and all but there is just one problem...
    Imaru: ...Oh?

    Fight a boss Shadowblade Master. After you win, the quest ends.

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