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Serenity Okami

Location: Osprey Cove (Books 1 and 2), Imaru's Treasure

Quests given
Imaru's Treasure

Shops owned

Serenity Okami: Hero, I need your help desperately! My fiancee has been kidnapped.

Serenity Okami: Oh, <Character>! I have heard of your great deeds! I need your help to rescue my bold Pirate Captain from the Ninja!

Serenity Okami: They want his treasure. Look!
Serenity Okami: And if I find out he's been hiding treasure on me, he's going to be begging the ninja to save him from me.

Serenity Okami: Thank you! Let's go!!!

Serenity Okami: Imaru!

Serenity Okami: What's this about a treasure? The ninja want your treasure!

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