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Large Mocha Cola Overdrive

Level: 33
Price: 39,600 Credits
Sellback: 3,960 Credits
Location: 2nd Place Prize Shop II

Equip Slot: Back Arm
Damage Type: Explosive
Damage: 55-61
Hits: 2
Energy: 50
Cooldown: 3
Bonuses: None
Special Effects:
  • Chance for Hyperactive! +30 Bonus - Adds 30 Bonus to the player for 3 turns
  • Chance for Dazed! -30 Boost! - Nerfs opponent's Boost by 30 for 3 turns
  • Chance for Dazed! Immobility Resistance Lowered! - Lowers opponent's immobility resistance
  • Chance for Sugar Crash, stunned for one round! - Stuns the opponent for one turn

    Combos: None

    Description: This stuff can make you hyper (may increase your Bth) - may daze your opponent (decreasing enemy damage and lowering immo resist), and has a chance for a knockout (stunning blow).
    Image: Large Mocha Cola Overdrive, Attacking 1, Attacking 2

    Thanks to golden1231 for images!

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