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History of the RoL

August 2007
By Roninshinobi, Aian and Omega

This is the brief history of the RoL since its origins. The Lucian Clan Council was created almost as soon as Lucian Clan was released, on 2006 lasts months. Zero-Hex was the first member who joined the clan, then Mobuis being the second and Aian the third. As such Zero-Hex was the Leader of the Lucian Clan Council by default, Mobuis became Head of the Aura, the Art Partition. Aian applied to the Clan Council and became Head of the Enlightened, the Diplomacy and Advise Partition. Aian went inactive, making Hawk, one of the recent members still on 2006, Head of the Enlightened. After a short discussion, Hawk very kindly stepped down, allowing Aian to resume his duties as Head. Ending November of 2006, Aian, told his friend Mrsuntheone about Lucian; both of them was member of the Approved Clan "The Gathering of Lightbringers", which is a fan clan, not in-game clan, since a long time ago. Mrsuntheone joined Lucian and became Head of the Winged, the War Strategy Partition. On December, the private forums were made; this space was created to discuss threads which arenít allowed to be discussed on the gameís public official forum, like signs of individuality. Zero-Hex, Mobuis, Aian, Mrsuntheone became the Administrators of the forums as Heads of each Council Partition, except for the Knowledgable, the Information Gathering Partition. Also, there was created a new Partition: The Winged Enlightened Ones, only for the Heads of the other Council Partitions, due to the growing number of applicants, but still at a slow rate. Year 2007, Lucian Administrators decided that they wanted a different name rather than a Clan Council and so Zero, Mobuis and Aian came up with the RoL, or the Representatives of Lucian. Eventually Mobuis went inactive due to real life issues, and Omega Meckberg, also known as Z3R0[V.H.], took over as Head of The Aura.

When Ike joined Lucian he started The Lucian Army and one of the best things to happen to Lucian was started. Ike became inactive, but told Eiyuu Kou to take his place as Army Head. In short time, Eiyuu Kou suffered the same destiny as Ike; Roninshinobi took over as Head of the Army and Head of the Knowledgable, from the RoL. However the AE Forum Moderators verified that the Army was violating the rules of Clan Neutrality and shut down Lucian Army coldly. But after some weeks of deliberation, we moved the Army to the private forums. On February, Zero-Hex stepped down as Head of the RoL and suggesting take Aian as successor. After this, a poll was called and Aian won, making him the new Head of the RoL, with Ronin serving as second in command due to his role of Head of The Army, on March. The inactivity of the former lucians caused some new changes, lightbringer lord was named Head of the Enlightened; and Hawk, Head of the Winged. The clan went inactive in the period from April to August of 2007 due to Holidays: Summer on the North Hemisphere, and Winter on the South Hemisphere. This made Aian to step down inactive RoL members and start planning massive projects for every RoL Partition. The Winged changed to "The Astutes", The Enlightened to "The Oracles", The Knowledgeable to "The Sages", Thr Aura remain it's name, and The Winged Enlightened Ones evolved to "The Avatars of Light" In August, the changes were made in few days. Kandymine, a new member, was named the new Head of the Asutes, after Hawk's inactivity, turning Kandymine the first woman on the RoL; anyway, nobody said "girls are not allowed"; after that change, women of different ages turn very active in the Clan. Lightbringer lord was stepped down, making Jax Wyman the new Head of The Oracles. Time has passed in gaps of activity and inactivity, but the Clan keeps growing at a slow, irregular rate; because we, lucians, everyday give a new idea, new information, new experience, and we... evolve.

May 2008
By JoshuaTKS

On start of the April, a few changes were made by Kandymine while _Aian.89_ was inactive. Jax Wyman was inactive so Kandymine asked SIGMUND to become the new Oracles Head. He had agreed. The other Oracles members were inactive too, so a new team of Oracles - SIGMUND, Augusto and Silver Dragon were then produced. < As SIGMUND becomes the Head of the Oracles, A space was there for the Astutes. SIGMUND chosen Ebrithil to become the new Astutes member. At Ending of April, _Aian.89_ who was inactive for quite a long time asked the Lucian members to choose that he should be the head or should Kandymine be. A poll was made and most members vote for Kandymine. Kandymine has then become the 3rd Lucian Clan Head while _Aian.89_ becomes the Clan Consultant On 8 May, Shade Fenris Ravenwing, the Head of Golden Sentinels chose Deimius to become the new Sentinel member of Lucian.

February 2009
By Eschaton Thunder

In the fall of 2008, Roninshinobi had gone inactive, so Kandmine promoted Eschaton Thunder as the new Army Head, and masterwolfie put together the Lucian Strike Force team, which composed of Lucian players dedicated to fighting in AQ wars. Due to real life health issues, Eschaton Thunder needed to step down as Army Head in February 2009, and he named LINKTHECHAMPION as acting Army Head.

February 2009
By MageDan123

During the start of the new year, and at the start of February, a few changes were made by Kandymine and the Avatar's of Light.As a first order of business, the Sages division of the ROL were suffering with only one member. This lead to Kandy asking for volunteers to join the division. Eventually after a Discussion by the current ROL, two new Sages were chosen. MageDan123 and Zarei became the new additions to the ROL. Also the ROL started voting for the yearly Lucian Awards. The vote currently ongoing is the vote for the most stressed member. At the start of the February month, Silver Dragon announced he would no longer be fully active within the ROL forum. This meant he stepped down and resigned from his position as an Oracle. This then opened a position in the Oracles, which may or may not be filled.

Note: More information is needed, especially from 2009 to 2011. Lucian members, please do not let our history be forgotten!

September 2012
By Eschaton Thunder

For various reasons, Lucian activity steadily declined, especially in 2011 and early 2012, and the Lucian Private Forum (LPF) had been largely abandoned. Eschaton Thunder returned in 2012 and, along with theosenia, helped to rebuild the LPF. In August 2012, elections were held for a new Clan Head, which resulting in a tie between Eschaton Thunder and theosenia. After some discussion, theosenia declared Eschaton Thunder as Clan Head and theosenia became second-in-command. The clan continues to slowly rebuild.

August 2013
By Eschaton Thunder

The clan is seeing some signs of revival thanks to an upcoming AQ Paxian war. I will provide more details later.

Enzeru -> RE: History of the Representatives of Lucian (8/14/2012 18:10:06)

well i was a former head ambassador, and I was briefly the leader of the Oracles before I went into retirement. back from 08 through the early part of 10

Oliver Bell -> RE: History of the Representatives of Lucian (8/16/2012 4:24:14)

Stickied as requested, if you need any help with your history, feel free to ask.

Riffus Maximus -> RE: History of the Representatives of Lucian (8/16/2012 10:57:41)

I don't have the access to the LPFs anymore, but I recall Lucian and Nocturu made their alliance official somewhere around 2010 or 2011 by creation of the ShadowLight Pact.

Eschaton Thunder -> RE: History of the Representatives of Lucian (8/16/2012 11:45:43)


if you need any help with your history, feel free to ask.

Thanks Bell, I am asking! [:)]

Anything you can add would be greatly appreciated.

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