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Peachii -> You need a what? (8/19/2012 7:18:03)

You need a what?

Location: Soluna City -> Right -> Right -> Enter Haircut shop -> Missions -> May I help you?
Objective: Congratulations! You brought Hal what he needed!
Requirements: None
Release Date: August 17th, 2012

  • Floaty
  • Goliath
  • Hover
  • Shadow E1
  • ShS Insecromancer

  • H.A.L.
  • Tek

    H.A.L.: <You>, perhaps you could take a number. Karthik here just got in a moment ago.
    <You>: Ah, ok, I can wait. So. Any truth to the rumors about Pontimech?
    H.A.L.: I'm not sure, but I can tell you it's sad that they don't have bicycles...
    H.A.L.: There is a flower within my heart, you know.
    <You>: You don't say... So! Lots of Shadowscythe on the streets lately! I take my mecha everywhere now.
    H.A.L.: <You>, if you'd like to put that to the fullest possible use... I seem to have just run out of hair gel.
    <You>: Oh I can run to the Beauty Supply Shop for you. Uh, that is ... if there is one. I've never noticed it.
    H.A.L.: Oh - for hair gel, I don't need beauty supplies. I just need a metal widget from Tek.
    <You>: You need a what, now? For hair gel?
    H.A.L.: <You>, this conversation serves no purpose any more...
  • On my way!
  • Nevermind

    *Walk left twice, defeat 2 enemies, and you'll be in Tek's Shop*
    <You>: 12:01 ... It's 12:00 now. I can't wait that long! Maybe she's at Mecharoni!

    *Inside Mecharoni*
    Maza Rella: Tek? No, I haven't seen her. She usually calls for delivery instead of eating in.

    *After which, enter Knife and Spork*
    <You>: There she is! There's Scrap! Hi, Tek!
    Tek: <You>! You here for lunch?
    <You>: Nope, although that sandwich smells delicious... I was actually looking for you!
    <You>: Hal needs a metal widget.
    Tek: Out of hair gel again, is he?
    <You>: ...
    Tek: Oh sure, lemme just smack these sandwiches with my wrench.
    Tek: *work work work*
    Tek: *clank clank dink*
    Tek: Here you go! A metal widget!
    <You>: ... uhhh... thanks? What is the Knife and Spork serving us? I'll get that back to Hal.
    Tek: You sure you don't want to stay for a sandwich?
    <You>: ... I... think I'll pass, thanks. Gives a whole new meaning to "iron stomach..."
    <You>: Thanks a lot! Gotta run now, though!
    Tek: Good luck, and I'll see you inside the shop later then!
  • Later!

    *Defeat 1 monster and back to HAL Haircuts' shop*
    H.A.L.: <You>, you are wonderful! The gel makes Karthik look amazing!
    <You>: The Shadowscythe were numerous, but I'd say it was really no biggie, Hal!
    H.A.L.: Perhaps some day you can help me - *whistles* Give me your answer, do! - er...
    H.A.L.: I'm afraid I can't do that, <You>.
    <You>: Can't do what, now? Seems nice, but a little crazy...
    H.A.L.: Oh. Thanks for the help, <You>! You're next!
  • I'm out!

    Reward Shop:
  • Lobotomy Shop

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