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Ranloth -> =ED= Patch Notes - 1.4.9b - August 24, 2012 (8/24/2012 18:59:42)


August 24, 2012
Patch Notes - 1.4.9b

  • Someone new is hanging around in the Barrens...
  • Return of the Draconic items (Sold by Slayer in the Barrens)
  • New Dragon's Reckoning Promo - Level 35 Dragon Slayer Armor and the Dragon Buster II Sword
  • Bionic Promo removed (Bionic Battlegear and Bio Borg are now sellable)
  • 6 new hairstyles (1 per class and gender)
  • /afk command to label yourself as [AFK]
  • 2v2 Balance Tracker


  • Blood Mage
    • Fireball : Gains extra damage every 4 Strength instead of 3
    • Plasma Cannon : Base damage reduced to 18-36 from 22-40

  • Cyber Hunter
    • Plasma Armor : Resistance reduced by 1 at all levels
    • Static Charge : Now grants energy based on actual damage dealt instead of raw damage

  • Mercenary
    • Adrenaline : Rage gain increased to 10-25% from 5-20%

  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Mineral Armor : Defense reduced by 1 at all levels


  • Players were not disappearing if they dropped out of a battle
  • Adrenaline was not awarding extra Rage in some circumstances
  • Hammer Grenades can properly be sold back
  • NPCs were unable to be stunned
  • It was possible to incorrectly lower Stun Gun's chance to stun below 1% with enough Support
  • Jumping to M4tr1x through the Item Finder would hang the client
  • Level 15 Mechachillid was showing up incorrectly
  • Trying to buy a home while looking at someone else's list could incorrectly tell you that you already own the home
  • Animation glitch with the Rusted Thunder Hammer
  • Several low level Tech Mage weapons were over-statted

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    Khannibal -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:01:57)

    Finally, the Blood Mages did need nerfing regarding raw damage. I'm still really really dissappointed to see no change to support which has been neglected for quite some time now :/

    Lord Machaar -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:02:19)


    Blood Mage
    Fireball : Gains extra damage every 4 Strength instead of 3
    Plasma Cannon : Base damage reduced to 18-36 from 22-40

    I believe that BM doens't need a nerf, it's already an underdog class

    for the other balances, most of them are fine to me...


    2v2 Balance Tracker

    How about juggernaut Balance tracker, there are less players!

    And I hope the 2vs2 balance tracker will actually work, because the 1vs1 balance tracker isn't really working!

    Waxor9001 -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:02:23)

    YESSS, update is coming, my life is now complete.

    Wootz -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:03:51)


    Static Charge : Now grants energy based on actual damage dealt instead of raw damage

    Damn! Now how am I able to use Delta daggers againts tankers!?

    Blaze The Aion Ender -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:04:09)

    Suck it BM
    Seriously though, very happy, seems they buffed up merc a lil, debuffed CH and BM, and unfortunately debuffed TLM

    Ranloth -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:04:13)

    Str BMs were a major issue, Machaar, even Staff did acknowledge that in many circumstances.. <_< Cannon too, although Bunker stays unaffected which seems like BL is the reason here because Mercs only have HA.

    ReinXI -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:04:38)

    lame they seriously nerfed plasma cannon? that was just a loser move -.- the skill already did crap damage unless you spammed tech / got a crit...

    Khannibal -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:04:54)

    Machaar, have you not fought a Blood Mage before? What with a massive Strength based unblockable attack and Deadly aim they're encouraged to neglect Dex and support, and to an extent tech and just pump attack.

    I've been beaten numerous times by players with 130+ strength regardless of my build.

    rayniedays56 -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:06:07)


    They nerfed Static Again to make it more strength based...

    [begin saracasm]GREAT job. :3[/end sarcasm]

    Wouldn't it be easier to give it a set amount?


    4 EP
    6 EP
    8 EP
    9 EP
    10 EP
    11 EP
    12 EP
    13 EP
    14 EP
    15 EP

    This new way is just...too strengthy based...

    Unknown Menace -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:06:53)


    Cyber Hunter
    Plasma Armor : Resistance reduced by 1 at all levels
    Static Charge : Now grants energy based on actual damage dealt instead of raw damage

    Ah yes i can almost feel it slipping away through my fingers, just a little more.

    Lord Machaar -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:10:06)

    BM Nerf

    Tell me another build that you can actually use on "BM" with 90%+ unless str build.

    I'm okay with Fireball nerf, but why "Plasma Canon" Nerf, as far as i know you can't match it up with Str build.

    So what i can see from here, you can't use Str builds + 5 focus or Spam build on BM.

    What else you can do?

    /dance and /dance again!



    /afk command to label yourself as [AFK]

    and yes i played against BMs, Str ones, and 5 focus ones, and i know why the "Plasma Cannon" nerf isn't right!

    Ranloth -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:12:08)

    Plasma Cannon goes with BL, hence why Bunker was unaffected for Mercs. It's a skill that ignores Resistance and 25% base chance to Crit, and coupled with BL, it's deadly with decent Tech (not even abuse). Same with Bunker for Mercs but they don't have BL, but HA, that doesn't help them with the skill.

    rayniedays56 -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:16:46)

    The new Static Charge works...kinda...with non tank opponents. But fighting a tank. You're lucky to gain 5 ep...



    The dragon buster sword is only 995 varium! :D

    Sh4d0wMast3r -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:19:44)

    Wow another static nerf...and Pyro Fly still not sellable. THIS IS BLASPHEMY!

    My Name is Jake -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:21:43)

    Well Dragon Slayer has 5 to all stats and 10 enhacements and Dragon Buster II has 8 str, 10 dex, 4 tech, 8 sup and 10 enhacements.
    Don't really like armours and weapons that have stats in both supp and str :(

    AQWPlayer -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:24:04)

    To be honest, this update fails.
    EDIT: The only good thing is the AFK command :3

    rej -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:26:07)

    Hmm. Nerfs, nerfs, nerfs, and more nerfs. What a waste of a release.

    AQWPlayer -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:29:14)

    Titan is kind...to the NPCs. Why let NPCs win more? -_-

    Demon Emperor -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:29:27)

    Ok. For those of you who have been to the Slayer and looked at the Dragon Buster swords, you'll know what I mean. The lvl 31 version is more expensive than the lvl 35 one. What. The. Heck. [:@]

    Edit: The update might be fixing this... If not I'll complain help it get fixed. :s

    Chosen 0ne -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:29:33)

    Tlm should've stayed the same imo. Ch's static should have been untouched and they should have done something else. Idk what which is why I don't post in the balance thread.

    Joe10112 -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:31:33)

    I'm sorry, I'm literally done now. You just nerfed Static Charge HEAVILY again? C'mon! I just did 20 damage, and got 6 EP back. And I still can use it twice per battle, that's 12 EP gained (if I don't get blocked), and if I don't deal 3 damage on tanks. That's really, really low. I'd rather have Reroute. Static just got nerfed to the floor with this. I'm sorry, I just don't know how I'll be able to get over ANOTHER nerf to Static Charge after we've all asked for it to be raised at least halfway between what it was before and what it (previously) just was.

    Sorry if it seems like a rant or something, but this is just absurd now in my opinion. This really hasn't factored in with "What Happens if I get Blocked?" scenario. I truly hope the ED team rethinks what they just did to CHs. (Oh, and a Plasma Armor nerf. Although this went for Mineral Armor too, it's still...not the "Passive Armor Revamp" that I thought they were talking about (and I hope it isn't the "Passive Armor revamp" they talked about).

    Alright I'm done. All this is in good spirit, I'm not raging or anything, just a frustrated CH here...

    Otherwise, the Harbringer seems interesting...I wonder what will happen!

    Unknown Menace -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:33:00)

    I tested static out on the lawman.

    Before it was about +16 now its about +11.
    This is actually making static almost useless.

    Before the percentage nerf it did like +32 so it would only make sense if this nerf was applied on that old percentage system.

    11-17/17 x 100 = -31%
    32/100 x 69 = +22 energy on the old system.

    A brief calculation. Well i'm off to sleep now...

    Ranloth -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:37:27)

    CHs had enough Energy control anyway, EMP that's unblockable and EP back from Static which was good before and able to loop with tank defences which wasn't really fair. (tanking + Energy control of that caliber?) Now EMP is fine for CHs since it's not as easy to loop it like before nor loop Heal either. TMs have Assimilate yet no one says it's weak. It's also blockable, has cooldown, costs no Energy but takes it from enemy and gives you only half of it + we have no passive Armor but Reroute. Also Assimilate for us is energy draining skill and Reroute to get it back and you have unblockable EMP and SC that's a bit better than Assimilate, and passive Armor coupled with debuff.

    ND Mallet -> RE: Patch Notes - 1.4.9b (8/24/2012 19:37:24)

    CH used to be able to get 16+ from SC. Mages could get 16+ from being hit for 50+ damage in one move. Honestly, an active skill should not be able to get you a heal's worth of energy in one turn. If you want energy quickly then you should use an energy booster, not rely on a strength based energy regaining move.

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