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Location: The Maker

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Vae'Kan: Why have you come here? I have little patience for barging into my private home as it is...
Vae'Kan: ...and the fact that you destroyed several of my servants highly upsets me...

Vae'Kan: I see. What can I say? I created them in my youth. Think of them as golems, but very SPECIAL golems.
Vae'Kan: You see... They are constructs.
Vae'Kan: Their wrappings are soaked in a special formula, the spirit collectors are attached and the spells are cast.
Vae'Kan: The spell summons a spirit of the plane of Ice to inhabit the shell. My magic gave these constructs both intelligence...
Vae'Kan: ...and the means of speaking. Safeguards I built in would ensure total and complete servitude.
Vae'Kan: The intelligence and speech I included were, to my mind necessary, however, I did not count on one fact.
Vae'Kan: Because they were magically compelled to serve, and still retained intelligence, resentment bred true as well.
Vae'Kan: I suspect they hated me for crafting them in the first place.
Vae'Kan: Eventually, due to my own internal debate, I chose to give them to themselves, in the hopes that they would grow beyond themselves.
Vae'Kan: Instead they sold themselves into the service of that monster Nivalis...
Vae'Kan: ...who promptly took the secret of the Khy'Rhian and created an entire army of them.
Vae'Kan: How he holds them so successfully is a matter of conjecture. However he manged it, now one thing is certain.
Vae'Kan: I MUST keep searching for a means to utterly destroy them.
Vae'Kan: Unfortunately, that is proving to be a much more difficult task. Even as I carry out my research, I fear I am losing my humanity.
Vae'Kan: There is nothing else that I can tell you.
Vae'Kan: Now, please leave me be.


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