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Voodoo Master -> Ambush (9/15/2012 2:22:14)


Location: Path connecting Oaklore Keep (Book 3) and Falconreach (Book 3)
Level/Quest/Items required: Level 3 None
Release Date: September 14th, 2012

Objective: A manahunter patrol!
Objective completed: You defeated them all! Now to head on towards Falconreach!

Experience rewarded: 364 648
Gold rewarded: 37 30

(3) ManaHunter - Boss




*You enter a dark part of the forest path, when you are ambushed by three ManaHunters.*

Avocet: Just where do you think you're going? You wouldn't be skipping out on training would you?
ManaHunter: Just where do you think you're going? This road is closed until further notice!
<Character>: just going for a stroll.
<Character>: Closed? Why?
Avocet: Yeah right. Too bad we have to waste you. GET him!
ManaHunter: Closed because we're about to make a mess and claim that bounty on your head!

*After you defeat the ManaHunters, you continue on towards Falconreach, completing the quest.*

Other information
  • This quest can only be completed once.
  • This old quest was reimagined with new dialogue. More information can be found in the December 27th, 2019 Design Notes.

    Next Up: Hydra Boss

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