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Currently Accepting


Focus: We are a cult of those who worship the Archangel,the Former Miltonius or the King of Klunking,Klunk.

Requirements and Instructions to join: Must be level 10 and above in AQW. Please PM me a screenshot of your character and if it fulfills the requirements, you may post here and join the forums. Wear whatever class u want!
Chilling/Meeting places
/join house jayk the pikachu,
/join battleon-1967 and /join yulgar-1967

Group ranks(Subject to Change):
1 Leader(that's me!)
3 Commanders(Basically the people you take orders from)
1 Councilman(Negotaties Treaties and Alliances)
5 Flying Infantry(Must Have Wings)
5 Cult Members
More Member Slots will be bought after Christmas
Group website and Forums: WEBSITE+FORUMS COMING SOON!

Group story: Revontheus left me his Keyblade of Power.It told me to start a Cult so that when he and the one formerly known as Miltonius return,we will be ready to rule for them.
We are called the Cult Of Revontheus because the Former Miltonius's name is cursed so anyone who says it shall join Dage's side.We are neither Good or Evil or Chaos or even Neutral,we are simply the Cult.We Will Rule the World!Join us for Everlasting Power! Together we are Strong!
Our Motto is...Let's Rev It Up!

Group Restrictions/Rules:
Do not join any other groups.
Do not spam.
Do not advertise.
Do not flame.
Do not Disobey Forum rules
Do Not break the AQW T&C rules
Guild Server is Safiria

All members to reach level 20.
To be upstanding members of the forum.
To get 10 members-COMPLETE
To get 20 members-incomplete
Sigs: Sig 1
here's what you need to put in the image tags:

Sig 2
here's what you need to put in the image tags:

Sig 3
here's what you need to put in the image tags:

Allies: 13LoCH
Enemies: None

Members List
To Be Edited

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