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Angel StiX ("ASX")

[[[AQW Only]]]


Milestones of ASX

* Formed in July 2009

* Coined the “Unity” concept and the first AQW clan to promote "Unity"

* The first AQW clan to have item-equipping requirement

* About 100 members at its peak

* Hibernation began in July 2010

* Returned as a "Guild" in September 2012

* Only two to three active members remain as of today along with the reduction of players in AQW

[Click HERE for the Clan Promo Video back in early 2010 on Youtube]

!! A Random Pic Back in 18 September 2009 !!


Can you count how many Sticks are there?



- Prologue

- About us

- About the Stick

- What is Unity

- How to Join the Angel StiX

- Membership List

- Other Info (ASX Message, Photo Album, ASX Signature and Private Forum)

- Screenshot Gallery of the Clan Era (from July 2009 to June 2010)

- Frequently Asked Questions

- Credits


What these lands remain:
Hatred, blood, and pain;
Just insane.

Together the forces unite:
Peace, joy, and light;
Without fright.

Witness the domination of violence,
We walk out of silence.

March towards the future we pick,
Forever we uphold the Stick.


A race........ that has never existed elsewhere..... and unknown to most.......

Superior to the undead, orcs, elves, dark elves, dragon dwarfs, werecats or whatsoever....

Mysterious, yet Powerful and Elegant..... it's ....

The STICKY Race.

We may look like a human, an elf, a skeleton, a rat, a chicken, a piece of rock or a roll of toilet paper..................

No matter how we appear, we identify one another by the Sticks in our hands.

We uphold our Sticks as peace lovers.

Fighting or killing is not our goal; we aim to promote peace and form a family-like community in a world dominated by violence.

However, this does not mean that we are constantly bullied; our Sticks do shine on brutalities in extreme situations.

We support Unity and are not fixedly aligned with any particular force; we welcome anyone from anywhere of any alignment to join us.

Together, with our hands held, we create our future (with the union of the Good, Evil and Chaos) - the world of peace.

Put down your weapon and pick up the Stick.

We are the Angel StiX.


The Stick is often overlooked and is even misnamed as the “ugly stick” in AQW.

The naming is unfair and the truth is the exact opposite.

The Stick we use come from the 20 million years old tree called the PeacaTree, which has long stood as the symbol of Peace.

Instead of dropping apples onto your head, the PeacaTree drops unbreakable Sticks.

Newbie shop, a non-profit organization, picks up the Sticks and offers them to travellers for their pursue of peacefulness.

You can get your own Stick at any of the retail outlets of the Newbie Shop (for just 10 gold) !!!


- /join portalundead OR /join newbie for the retail outlets of the Newbie Shop.

- No. You don't get a further purchase discount. It's already a steal for that arm of a 20 million years old tree.

- GlowSticks or any other similar items are in no way related to PeacaTree/Peace, and therefore are NOT considered as the Stick.


Unity = Good + Evil + (Order) + Chaos + All other Unaligned People

Each force is a union among their own people.

Unity is the union of all the forces and all the people;

For Universal Peace.

Current situation:

1. Good & Evil are "united" (really united deep inside their hearts? I doubt. But certainly a good start)

2. Chaos is still Only united among the chaotic people themselves.

3. Order is hiding or inexist? No one knows YET.....

4. So the biggest current goal of Unity is to unite Chaos with Good & Evil.


- Want to be REALLY different and stand out from all other AQW players?

- Want to join a peaceful and wonderful community?

- Want to free out more inventory space and also stop hurting your brain again to think about which weapon to keep or equip?

- Want the name of the most legendary AQW community on top of your character?

- Want an ASX membership number that is lower than your friends? (details below in the Membership List section)

We aim to recruit mature and friendly players to be part of our Stick family.

Basic Requirements for New Recruits from September 2012:

- Level 35 or above (alt chars are not allowed)

- Mentally matured with the ability to communicate in complete and readable sentences (Words like th15 or d4t are forbidden...)

- Well understood that the “Ugly Stick”(as known in AQW) is called the Stick (Capitalized "S", not the stick)

- Well understood that the Stick MUST BE EQUIPPED AT ALL TIMES (not just in your inventory, but in your hands)

- Well understood that you CANNOT advertise ASX on the battleon forums (prohibited by the moderators)

Procedures for New Recruits to apply for joining:

1. Send a private message to Monsti via the battleon forum including ALL of the following:

- your character name

- a short paragraph explaining your reason to join

- the statement I declare my loyalty to the Stick without any typo

2. Equip the Stick until you are approved

3. Monsti will review your PM and review your character page (please ensure the Stick is equipped at the time of review)

4. If approved, Monsti will send you a PM. All unapproved applications will be ignored.

5. Please do not resend or push the processing speed of your application.


- It usually takes around a month for the new recruits to get fully used to equip the Stick at ALL TIMES.

- Temptations about switching to other weapons always exist, even for the experienced ASX members.

- The temptations are just small tests of your determination of being successful.

- We can always eventually overcome the temptations and be proud of being an eternal upholder of the Stick.

- Others can do it, why can't you.

- May the Stick and peace be with you.


<< THE LEADERS COUNCIL>> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ = >

The Leaders Council are the most powerful members inside and outside the universe.

They were distinguished members during the first phase of ASX (July 2009 to June 2010) and they were given customized titles.

Monsti, The Ms. Stick of ASX [Char Page]

Asakau, The Mighty Asakau of ASX [Char Page]

Revokeran, The Miraculous Revokeran of ASX [Char Page]

<< THE GENERAL MEMBERS >> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ = >

The General Members form the strong backbone of ASX.

Each general member is assigned a 3 digit membership number. The earlier they joined, the lower their membership number is.

raNu RAn, Membership #001 [Char Page]

We have just started to recruit!

Be the first few ASX Guild Members Now!


- Char pages are Randomly Reviewed from time to time to enforce the rules.

- Those without the Stick equipped will have their membership PERMANENTLY revoked, without notice, without exception.

OTHER INFO (ASX Message, Photo Album, ASX Signature and Private Forum):

The following short speech was delivered to the first few clanmates back in August 2009.


Today is a very important day.


We are here for our first ever Stick Meeting,

We are here to celebrate ASX reaching ONE MONTH old.

We are here because we ALL have made a very right choice in our very short lives.

We have chosen or have been chosen to carry the Stick.


It's uneasy to make such a decision.

Temptations like knives, axes, guns and other SUPERFICIAL weapons are always around us.

It's uneasy to overcome these temptations.

But, we did it!! And reached a higher level - a level beyond all the rest of others and our own pasts.


Some of the uncivilized often ask why we carry the "ugly stick".

For peace I say.

Some also ask how powerful the Stick is.

I say: the Spirit within is the strongest power in the world that your silly weapon can never comprehend.


We are yet to become the Strongest Force. BUT!

On the forums, we have got the best clan recruitment thread and signatures,

and in the clan, we are well-organized with the best people in the world (each of you carefully picked).

So, for certain, I KNOW our goal is not far away.


ASX has grown healthily in the first month.

And the future of ASX relies on every single one of you.

Therefore, lastly, I would like to wish you all peace, joy and good health;

May the Stick be with you.

We hold weekly gatherings:

- Every Friday Night (Server Time).

- You will know the exact meeting time and location after you have joined.

We have a Screenie Gallery : [Click here to access the Photo Album]

- The above gallery is for the Guild era, which is from Septmber 2012 onwards.

- For the screenies during the Clan era, please see the section below.

We have a standard ASX forum signature that is adopted since September 2009: [Click here to view the ASX signature]

- Copy and Paste the following code to use the standard signature if you wish to.


We also have a private forum: [Click here to access the Private Forum]

- For security purposes, it is only open to guild/clan mates who remained in ASX for over a month.

- New recruits and visitors cannot log in.

SCREENSHOT GALLERY OF THE CLAN ERA (from July 2009 to June 2010)

Here are the Screenshots during the First Phase of ASX (July 2009 to June 2010). Click to view!

[Clan Picture 1: Random Purple StiX Party (9 Aug 2009)]

[Clan Picture 2: The Sticky Force! (14 Aug 2009)]

[Clan Picture 3: Clanmates are in deep trouble! (21 Aug 2009)]

[Clan Picture 4: Great view from the Rock Roc Cliff! (28 Aug 2009)]

[Clan Picture 5: Conquered the Bird -- Let's do the Stick Dance! (28 Aug 2009)]

[Clan Picture 6: Sweet dreams... (28 Aug 2009)]

[Clan Picture 7: Monsti Goes Home. WHAT? ANOTHER AK WITH THE STICK! (Raul= Dimension R) (18 Sep 2009)]

[Clan Picture 8: House Party went on.... with an AK Monitoring us .... Guys, behave… (18 Sep 2009)]

[Clan Picture 9: Finally Landed on Monsti's New House! BIG PARTYYYYY TIMEEEE!!!! (18 Sep 2009)]


[Clan Picture 11: NEVER ENDING 11 PEOPLE DANCE PARTY!!!!! YAY!! (18 Sep 2009)]

[Clan Picture 12: Round One - Undead Vs Black Belt. (25 Sep 2009)]

[Clan Picture 13: Round Two - Black Belt Vs Monkey Pirate. (25 Sep 2009)]

[Clan Picture 14: Round Three - Red Ninja Vs Blue Ninja. (25 Sep 2009)]

[Clan Picture 15: Big Stick Party - Dancing for the old and BLIND woman. (25 Sep 2009)]

[Clan Picture 16: Makushin's Birthday Party at Makushin's House! (2 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 17: Yuck! Stinky Green Gas! (9 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 18: Undead Sticky Invasion of the Inn! (9 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 19: Disease report! People are getting Chickified around the world! (16 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 20: Be Banananas! (23 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 21: Uber mega Sticky Banana Troop! (23 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 22: Carly, do you feel anything strange behind you?! (30 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 23: Trick or Stick - The Invasion of Asakau! (30 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 24: Trick or Stick - The Invasion of Chad Kroeger! (30 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 25: Trick or Stick - The Invasion of Makushin! (30 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 26: Trick or Stick - The Invasion of Carly9467! (30 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 27: Trick or Stick - The Invasion of Monsti! (30 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 28: Trick or Stick - The Invasion of Velmur! (30 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 29: Trick or Stick - The Conquer of Velmur! (30 Oct 2009)]

[Clan Picture 30: Angel Stix Dog Rescue Team! (6 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 31: Friendy Duel: Cake & Mooncake VS Others! (6 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 32: Friendy Duel: Reds VS Greens! (6 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 33: Lining Up! Lining Down! March Around The Party Town! (13 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 34: Sticky Deady! Sticky Deady! Happy Happy! Yay! (13 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 35: Sticky Deady Union! Chicken Mushroom Onion! (13 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 36: Look 'm Poke! Cook and Poke! Tootpicks Clean your Yellow Teeth! (13 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 37: House Invasion! Rob your Mansion! Burn all Cushions! (13 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 38: Party Two! Eleven Fool! We are sooooo COOL! (13 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 39: Oh Deady Oh Deady! Hugging a Lady in the Mess! (13 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 40: The Power of Anti-Gravity. (20 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 41: 3 2 1 0! Go! Competition Starts! (20 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 42: Frogzard Competition Results! (20 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 43: But turkeys, which taste like tasteless chewing gums, are not healthy.... (25 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 44: Energetic people like us gets hungry again easily.... (25 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 45: The Pinkie VS Blackie War has begun! (27 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 46: But the Pinkies began to hate themselves. (27 Nov 2009)]

[Clan Picture 47: All frozen! But surprisingly... we're feeling Hot because of Sticky Power! (4 Dec 2009)]

[Clan Picture 48: And Lastly, here's the Ultimate Epicness of the Frozen Sticky Union! (4 Dec 2009)]

[Clan Picture 49: House Appraisal: Carly redefined "Mess" and "Art". (11 Dec 2009)]

[Clan Picture 50: Here's the result of the Snow Ball Fight. (25 Dec 2009)]

[Clan Picture 51: Continue to spread the Chrismtasticky Joy at more Random Yulgars! (25 Dec 2009)]

[Clan Picture 52: It is Cool on the tree top under the shining stars of the Christmas Night. (25 Dec 2009)]

[Clan Picture 53: Visting the Junk Yard for Treasures. (8 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 54: Sticky Junk Rock Music time. (8 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 55: Found Hag who has a laugh button. (8 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 56: Happy birthday Naruto! (8 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 57: Point our Sticks to the Future! (15 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 58: Snakey Woman biting Sicsin's Ear! (15 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 59: This is called Photosynthesis. (15 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 60: Digging for Cookies from the Skull Piles. (22 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 61: The Kitty VS Doggie thing heatened up. (22 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 62: Right.... Right.... Let's celebrate! (22 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 63: The Car brought to this world - a group of Pointy Headed Dentists! (29 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 64: The Pointy Heads act like toothpicks, and they are actually... Dentists. (29 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 65: Yes. They clean inside-OUT. (29 Jan 2010)]

[Clan Picture 66: We all Love Pink! (12 Feb 2010)]

[Clan Picture 67: We are the Defenders of the Tree! (12 Feb 2010)]

[Clan Picture 68: Time to celebrate. (12 Feb 2010)]

[Clan Picture 69: What should we do to the worms!? Cook them! (26 Feb 2010)]

[Clan Picture 70: Found Safiria.... for a wedding ceremony! (26 Feb 2010)]

[Clan Picture 71: Show us your King! (5 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 72: And also a dart game. (5 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 73: Wonderful Rainbow Games. (12 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 74: Smack the Greeny Sneevil Game! (12 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 75: Rescued the Stupid Greeny Sneevil from Cliff with the Stick. (12 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 76: An Intense Frogzard Competition~ (12 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 77: House Party at the Clan House! (12 Mar 2010)!]

[Clan Picture 78: Carly won the Punting Game for the first time! (19 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 79: Easily we found Edvard! (26 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 80: Caboose won the ASX House Contest (mem section)! So we visited his house! (26 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 81: Bat Competition: Maku Vs PhunkR! (26 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 82: We also had our first ever 2v2 Competition! (26 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 83: 2v2 Competition in Action! Wow! (26 Mar 2010)]

[Clan Picture 84: April Fool! We are golden! (1 Apr 2010)]

[Clan Picture 85: Frogzard Dacing Take Three! (9 Apr 2010)]

[Clan Picture 86: And we found a room full of chickens... (30 Apr 2010)]

[Clan Picture 87: The Boss was a big big Froggy. (30 Apr 2010)]

[Clan Picture 88: Great view up the stairs! (7 May 2010)]

[Clan Picture 89: Bruise Brothers Hat Party! Cool! (7 May 2010)]

[Clan Picture 90: Stairway to the World of Peace! (7 May 2010)]

[Clan Picture 91: Happy Wedding Cysero! Nice Food! (11 Jun 2010)]


Note: The Screenies of the Guild Era (September 2012 onwards) are stored in the online Photo Album mentioned in the previous section.


Q: Do I have to always equip the Stick?
A: Yes. All the time. So be well prepared and be determined before you join.

Q: What is the First Phase and Second Phase?
A: ASX was formed in July 2009 and turned dormant in July 2010. This period is the First Phase.
A: ASX returned as a guild in September 2012, which started the Second Phase.

Q: How can I meet my guildmates?
A: Use the guild chat function in game.
A: We hold a weekly gathering every Friday.

Q: I am from another guild/clan, can we add you as an ally?
A: We promote peace and we consider all other guilds/clans as allies/friends. (So we don't have an ally list)
A: All other guilds/clans please feel free to add us as an official ally without even asking us.

Q: I am from another guild/clan, and when can we have a war with ASX?
A: ASX promotes peace and any sort of war is not welcomed.
A: Please stop sending me PMs about wars.
A: All disturbing actions/PMs will be reported/forwrded to moderators.
A: If you are so uncontrollably in love with silly wars, please fight your right hand with your left hand.

Q: Why are you not moving or talking to me in the game (or your PM/Goto is switched off)? ! I am lonesome tonight.
A: Because I am ALWAYS busy (such as: forums, instant messages, real life stuff, etc. etc..)
A: Sometimes I forget to log out before going out for food or shopping or sleeping or daydreaming.
A: Send me a PM if there's anything you really want to tell me.

Q: Hi! Monsti! Can you be my gf? How old are you? Do you love me? etc. etc.
A: Hello! Who is Monsti?

Q: Why are you not replying to my PMs? I've sent a dozen!
A: Because the answers can be found on this page.


THANK YOU everyone who viewed this page in full and reached this bottom section!

THANK YOU everyone who has (or had) joined ASX! Great times. Absolutely, Great Times.

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