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Serenfyrr -> Lunch Guild (9/25/2012 22:27:32)


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Focus: Friendship and collaboration on anything needing to be done.

Requirements and Instructions to join: You must be level 20+ in AQW. PM me so we can arrange to meet in-game so I can add you. (The whole link-to-your-character thing isn't needed now.)

Group Ranks:

Group website:

Group story: I come from an enlightened group of people who believe that Chaos's true color is not purple, but gold, and that Lore will not be overcome by the swarm of semi-Chaos monsters under Drakath's control. Anyone may enter my fellowship as we do things our own way to aid the fight against Chaos, because Chaos Stains Golden and No Threat can Stop Us from Eating.

Group Restrictions/Rules:
No spamming, flaming, trolling, etc.
No inappropriate language.
Be kind to everyone, especially newbies.
Don't tick me off (and it takes a LOT to tick me off).

To have fun when playing AQW and when browsing the forums.
To revolutionize playing AQW by being different and interactive.
To make your own personal goals on AQW and complete them.

Links to sigs: COMING SOON!

Allies: None.

Enemies: None.

Number of Members with a List: (this will be their in-game names)
saromodin knight
micotu ghio

Vongola the Wise -> RE: Lunch Guild (8/13/2013 20:38:21)

I'll try to join.

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