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Ware Wa Messiah Nari -> Chaos Hunters Guild (9/27/2012 21:52:29)

Guild Description
The Chaos Hunters Guild is a guild made mainly for role playing purposes but we also have all characteristics of a normal guild pvp meetings tournaments etc...

1: Requirements and stuff
If you want to join this guild you have to be at least level 25 or above and also need to have beaten all of the realesed Chaos lords (but ofc if you are a new player we will be glad to help you!) and make an account on our guild website

2: Teams
For now we got 7 members but in future we can even do some wars against enemy or friendly guilds just for pratice or fun
Using Teams which will be separated by names

3: Solo Tournaments
we are going to have a few of em to show off how good we are against mobs :)
Prizes for it may include better positions on guild rank

4: Ranking & Members
Ranking is easy you just need to fallow the rules be good at events and if you are challenged by a guild member to solo a boss accept it (dosent matter if you fail trying is good enough for me :D)

5: How to join
Easy just goto sign up PM me with your aqw user a time and server for we to meet then we meet at my house in-game

6: Basic Rules
1:dont insult any guild members (save it for the other clans 8D)
2:YOU will only get banned from the guild if you are spying us for other guilds

We will be doing events and stuff we can record youtube videos pvp go on a farming spree or anything you might think of :D

I am aways in Safiria or Evil Sir Ver (PTR for now) servers so if you want to talk to me meet me in one of those by /goto joao 1000 or pm my forum/guildwebsite acc :D

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