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Location: Braughlmurk Region -> Popsprocket -> Travel, Falconreach (Book 3) -> Down -> Left -> Airheart -> Popsmashed!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: September 28th, 2012

Objective: Save Sweeny! Can you find out what happened to Yix?!
Objective completed: You found Sweeny, but there is no sign of Yix in what remains of the city!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Cyklon Centurion
(8) Cyklon Pummeler
(1) T.O.D.D. - Boss

  • Note: There is one additional Cyklon Pummeler but it cannot be reached.


    Gnomish Glory (I-V)

    Airheart: Popsprocket is... gone. You have to help find my friends!

  • Popsmashed!

    You are in the ruins of Popsprocket and need to find the missing gnomes. There are a few televisions in the city in which you can watch footages of the attack on Popsprocket.

    In the first one, you see Yix, standing on his box as usual.

    Yix: Bored bored bored...
    Yix: This.. has got to be the worst job on Lore.

    *The whole city starts trembling. Yix looks worried*

    Yix: Or... not?
    Airheart: YIX! Get your bald head over here, now!
    Yix: ...?

    *The footage ends*

    In the second footage, you see Airheart standing near her gryphon.

    Airheart: Yix! Something's not right.
    Yix: ... You called me over here for that?!
    Yix: I thought you had some idea what's causing this! I'm not old YET, I noticed the shaking!
    Airheart: Yeah, I was gonna get to that part.
    Yix: ...
    Yix: By Bonk's beard... if you don't spit it out--
    Airheart: Alright I will!
    Yix: Ohmygoshl'mgonnacry.
    Airheart: We're being attacked!
    Yix: !!!

    *The footage ends*

    In the third footage, you can see the area below Popsprocket, and hear a voice...

    ???: Science... the folly of the weak-minded...

    *The camera moves, revealing a group of Rose members*

    Pascali: This so-called gnomish "science" is indistinguishable from magic.
    Pascali: It cannot be trusted...
    Pascali: You have your orders. Let nothing remain.
    Oregold: With pleasure...

    *The footage ends*

    In the fourth footage...

    ???: THEY'RE IN HERE!

    *Yix enters the scene, and looks straight to the camera*

    Yix: I don't know if this will survive the crash.. but I gotta try!
    Yix: It's the Rose! They melted the chains and sieged the town! I-- I don't know how they did it. I..
    Yix: I should have been more prepared... But why us? I thought they only had it in for magic...
    Airheart: YIX!

    *The footage ends*

    Once you find Sweeny:

    Sweeny: Thank goodness you found me!

  • Get Outta Here!


    1st Cutscene: From the entrance go up once and walk to the TV
    2nd Cutscene: From the 1st cutscene -> left down the rope -> climb the left rope -> go left -> walk to the TV
    3rd Cutscene: Return to the first TV -> right twice -> Up -> Right -> down the rope -> climb the right rope -> right twice -> walk to the TV
    4th Cutscene: From the 3rd left twice -> down the rope -> right 3 times > up twice -> Left twice > walk to the TV

    Thanks to
    -- San Robin for information.
    -- Stridoom for correction and note.

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