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Falerin -> =AQ= Story, Dev: Prepare for the 2012 Mastercraft Set - Taladosian Set (10/3/2012 10:20:23)

Venture forth to the sunken ruins of the ancient Lorian city of Talados, a city seeped in mystery and the darkness of its own twisted past.

Carnax, a creature who was of the Taladosian’s own twisted greed and experimentation, destroyed Talados. While the best known due to his enslavement and use by the twisted mage Makkisar, Carnax was not, as it happens, the first or only such creature the Taladosian’s had experimented on. In the aftermath of their destruction, the city was preserved by the Uncreator, The’Galin, as a record of some of the worst that Lore has had to offer.

Taladosian magic is a variety unlike any other on Lore, and its nature has both the Knights of Lorithia and the Knights of the Order scrambling to make sure Taladosian technology is not unleashed on Lore again; even as other forces call in favors due in order to advance their own hand.

Walk in the footsteps of legends as you explore the sunken remains of this ancient city.

Some will call the quest epic, some monumental, some even “über”, but one things for sure, Taladosian, the combined effort of many authors and developers, will show you some things never seen before and others not seen for a very long time.

The 2012 Mastercraft Set will soon be here… just as the Taladosian prophecies predicted…

Falerin -> RE: =AQ= Story, Dev: Prepare for the 2012 Mastercraft Set - Taladosian Set (10/3/2012 16:40:33)

Some random tidbits:

  1. quote:

    Nel: Valencia is not a bad person...
    Zephyros: Says you.

  2. quote:

    Aelthai: It seems overcomplicated to me, but Kamui insists it's harmless.
    Zephyros: He says that about a lot of things.

  3. quote:

    Jhan: You were less than subtle earlier. The worst innkeeper has good ears, and as you can see, mine are more fabulous than most...

  4. quote:

    Thorne: Worse: Carnax is just the tip of the iceberg.

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