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Demon Tears -> EpicDuel Signature Generator [DEV] (10/7/2012 1:18:06)

I've noticed that no one's made any signature generators for any ae games yet, so I decided to make one for EpicDuel. I'm making it in flash so it will start out as a swf.


Background Pictures : FINISHED
Background Picture Drop Down Options : UN-FINISHED
TEXT Color Picker/Changer : FINISHED
TEXT Outline Options : UN-FINISHED
Generate Button : FINISHED
Save [ Exports as PNG] : UN-FINISHED

Future Ideas:

Character Gender, Class, Faction, & Level labels.
A drop and drag option to move around the labels.


If anyone is good at ActionScript 3 and wants to help, or can make cool background pictures 500 x 100 (Just post bellow or Pm me and I'll see if I can use your help) I will of course put zed helpers down in the development team. ( I can just pm you a download link for the fla file, also, if it's against the rules for me to share download links to a fla file please pm to let me know.)

Development Team:

(Me) Mr. Rite [AS3 Coder & FLA Interface Designer]

AS3 Coder - Open
AS3 Coder - Open

FLA Interface Designer - Open
FLA Interface Designer - Open

Picture Editor - Open
Picture Editor - Open

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