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Shadows Are Magic!

Location: Travel Map » Travel East » Travel South » Veil Base Camp » Speak to ElBhe » Shadows Are Magic!

«Scene: Within The Veil»

ElBhe: I'm glad you could find time to help me out, «You».
«You»: Sure, ElBhe. So, what is it that you need to do?
ElBhe: I need your help in catching a shadowpony.
«You»: ....
ElBhe: Something wrong?
«You»: That's not quite what I expected you to say. Usually when you need help, it's extremely dangerous.
ElBhe: Oh, this isn't going to be a cupcake walk. These things are quite energetic.
«You»: What do you need it for, anyways?
ElBhe: Those snobby Knights think they're so clever, with their fancy pony weapons.
ElBhe: When I asked for a pony weapon, they said I couldn't have one. The nerve! But I'll show them!
ElBhe: I'll catch a REAL pony, and then I'll be the talk of The Veil! Everypony will be so jealous.
«You»: ....what? You're having me help you catch a shadowpony, just so you can get back at the Knights of Order?
«You»: Don't you have anyone else who could help you?
ElBhe: I asked a lot of people, but they said they were too busy. Crazy, right? What could be more important?
«You»: ....*sigh*. What can I do to help, ElBhe?
ElBhe: I need help gathering ingredients to set my trap. Have a look at the list.

ElBhe's Brilliant Pony-Catching Device!
  • A cup of shadowflour
  • Something sweet (NOT sour!)
  • Just a pinch of shadowsalt
  • A teaspoon of shadowvanilla
  • A shadowtimer (so I can count to four)

    «You»:, ElBhe? This looks more like ingredients for a cake or something. And some of the ingredients are pretty vague.
    «You»: ....and did you have to add the word "shadow" to the names of all the ingredients?
    ElBhe: Are you questioning my pony-catching prowess?
    ElBhe: Maybe that's why you humans never get that pony you're always asking for.
    «You»: ....right, whatever. Where do I start looking for these things?
    ElBhe: You'll have to explore around The Veil. I'm sure you'll find them somewhere, if you look hard enough.
    «You»: Alright. I'll be back with your "trap" materials.
    ElBhe (simultaneously): Very good. I'll be preparing things here. Quest carefully.... FOR PONY!
    «You» (simultaneously): ....
    ElBhe: Click on the name of an ingredient to go hunting for it! And chop chop, I needs a pony!«Once you found all the ingredients, the dialogue continues.»

    ElBhe: Did you find everything?
    «You»: I've got all of it.
    ElBhe: Alright. I'll get to work setting the trap.
  • Go!

    «SEVERAL MINUTES LATER.... ElBhe prepares his trap -- a shadowcupcake...?»

    «You»: ....seriously, ElBhe?
    ElBhe: Shush! Just you wait. I'll have my shadowpony very soon!
    «You»: ElBhe, maybe it's time to admit that this was a half-baked plan.
    ElBhe: Nonsense! I baked that cupcake perfectly! It's so sweet and tasty....
    «You»: ....that's not what I meant. I meant that maybe it's time to admit that this plan isn't going to work.
    ElBhe: Ah ah ah, don't be too hasty! Look over there.

    «A shadowpony prances its way into ElBhe's tasty trap!»

    «You»: ....I don't believe it.
    ElBhe: DROP THE NET!

    «A net falls from above and pins the shadowpony down.»

    «You»: ....wait a second. When was a net part of the plan?
    ElBhe: You didn't read my list very well, did you?

    «The bottom of the scroll which was initially blank now reveals a poorly handwritten and checked "ingredient" - A NET.»

    «You»: ....
    ElBhe: You see? It was a brilliant plan, all told.
    «You»: You clearly JUST added that!

    «A group of shadowponies enter the scene.»

    ElBhe: Well, it looks like we attracted more shadowponies than I thought!
    ElBhe: I guess I can let you have one, «You». After all, you humans are bad pony catchers.
    «You»: ....

    Monster list by Scakk. Stat roll difficulties by In Media Res. Thanks also to tjduke.
    Shadows are Magic

  • Shadowpony
  • Shadowpegasus
  • Shadowunicorn
  • Wee Shadowpony
  • Wee Shadowpegasus
  • Wee Shadowunicorn
  • SliGht Shadowpony
  • SliGht Shadowpegasus
  • SliGht Shadowunicorn
  • Tiny Shadowpony
  • Tiny Shadowpegasus
  • Tiny Shadowunicorn
  • Zmall Shadowpony
  • Zmall Shadowpegasus
  • Zmall Shadowunicorn
  • Teeny Shadowpegasus
  • Teeny Shadowpony
  • Teeny Shadowunicorn
  • Petite Shadowpony
  • Petite Shadowpegasus
  • Petite Shadowunicorn
  • Little Shadowpony
  • Little Shadowpegasus
  • Little Shadowunicorn

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