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...Like a Fox!

Location: Travel Map » Travel East » Travel South » Veil Base Camp » Speak to ElBhe » ...Like a Fox!

«Scene: The Veil»

ElBhe: «You», we have a problem.
«You»: What is it, ElBhe?
ElBhe: Well, as you know, The Veil is a region of Lore that was corrupted by the shadow universe.
ElBhe: Everything within its borders... the land, the plants, even the animals... was corrupted by the shadows.
ElBhe: That is why the wall was built... to hold the corruption at bay and halt its spread. And also...
«You»: ...to keep people and animals from stumbling into the region and being corrupted themselves, right?
ElBhe: Precisely. You have been able to resist corruption only because of magical protections that our order places on you when you enter.
ElBhe: But earlier this morning... one of the guards was asleep during his shift, and we have no way of knowing what may have gone in during his absence.
«You»: Oh no! You think that people might have gone in?
ElBhe: I certainly hope not, but it's possible. We have no way of knowing. That's why you're here. I need your help searching the area.
«You»: Then let's get searching!

«Scene: Within The Veil»«You come across a Fire Fox.»

«You»: Look there!
ElBhe: Wow, what a fox!
«You»: ....
ElBhe: What? She's pretty good looking for being another species.
«You»: ElBhe, focus. We need to catch her and get her out of here, before The Veil starts to corrupt her.

«The fire fox walks away from the scene.»

«You»: Darn, she got away. Is she crazy?
ElBhe: Yeah... crazy like a fox.
«You»: ...ElBhe, are you going to take this seriously?
ElBhe: You mean srsly.
«You»: ....
ElBhe: Relax, «You». She's probably just frightened. And not every animal can talk, you know. She might not have understood you at all.
«You»: Yeah, I suppose... I guess we'd better get moving!«You encounter the Fire Fox again.»

«You»: There's the firefox!
ElBhe: ...what is a firefox? You mean a fire fox, right? Firefox is just gibberish.
«You»: ...but you're called a shadowkitten.
«You»: Right....
Fox: No... You won't take me...
«You»: Ah, so you can speak!
Fox: Go away!
ElBhe: Ah, playing hard to get?

«The Fire Fox walks away from the scene yet again.»

«You»: This is bad. We have no idea how long she's been here... ElBhe, we have to catch her fast!
ElBhe: Agreed! We must be quick... quick like a fox.
«You»: ....
ElBhe: Hey, it was quick enough to jump over the lazy dog.«You meet the Fox once more.»

«You»: Miss... er, fox! Please, stop running!
Fox: No... I... I won't let you take me back!«The Fire Fox collapses after the battle.»

«You»: Oh no, did I hit it too hard?
ElBhe: No, I think she's just tired of running. This has been quite the fox hunt.
«You»: ....stop it with the fox jokes.

«Shadows engulf the Fire Fox, dimming the luminous colors underneath of the Fox.»

«You»: ....!

«The shadows overcome the Fire Fox and fully corrupt her, changing her into a Shadow Fox, which recovers from the battle.»

«You»: Oh no... she's... she's...
ElBhe: ....she's beautiful!
«You»: ...what?
Shadowfox: ....I am?
ElBhe: I've never seen such a lovely shadow creature! What a vixen!

«ElBhe runs from your side to inspect the Shadowfox up close, completely smitten with it, hearts a plenty.»

«You»: Er... but what about the corruption? Is there any way to change her back?
ElBhe: No. Once something is corrupted by shadows, it cannot return to its original form ever again. Not even my owner can fix that.
ElBhe: And I'm not sure why she'd want to. She's so much prettier this way.
Shadowfox: Well... *blush* I came here on purpose, anyways.
«You»: What? You came here knowing you'd be changed forever?
Shadowfox: Yes. I was running away from home. My father was raising me to lead the Igneus clan one day.
Shadowfox: But I don't want that. I wanted to live my own life.
Shadowfox: I knew if I came here, they would never follow me. They take such pride in their gift of fire... but it was always a curse to me.
ElBhe: Don't worry. You don't need to run any more. You can stay with me.
Shadowfox: I'd like that.

«More hearts all around~»

«You»: Can we just get out of here now?
ElBhe: Sure thing, «You».
«You»: Good. That means I don't have to listen to any more....
ElBhe: Come with me, darling. I'll find us a lovely little foxhole to snuggle up in.
«You»: ....fox jokes.
ElBhe: Sorry, «You», but it seems I've out-foxed you this time.
«You»: Uh yeah... this is getting a little too weird. I'm outta here.

«You swiftly leave the scene and ElBhe turns to face where you were previously standing.»

ElBhe: Aw c'mon, don't be like that!
ElBhe: We could sneak around like secret agents, and we'd each have code names! I'll be Tango, and the lovely lady can be Foxtrot!

Monster list by Scakk.
Like a Fox!

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