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Ultimon's Fortress Part 2

Pre-requisite: Character Level 100+

Location: Travel Map » Travel East » Travel South » Veil Base Camp » Speak to Lord Barrius » Let's check it out! » Ultimon's Fortress Part 2 OR
Location: Travel Map » Travel East » Travel South » Ultimon's Fortress » Ultimon's Fortress Part 2

«Scene: The Veil, near Ultimon's Fortress»

Lord Barrius: While Ultimon has retreated to his fortress, let's consider what we know.
«You»: We know he's somehow corrupted "fake" shadow creatures and turned them into shadow creatures.
«You»: He even did this to Nith. Is that supposed to be possible?
Lord Barrius: Anything can be corrupted by shadow. But for him to be able to force corruption himself means he is... formidable.
Lord Barrius: The better question is... why would he bother?
«You»: Maybe to expand his army?
Lord Barrius: Would be easier to just use The Veil to grow an army than to hunt down creatures to corrupt. There must be another reason.
Lord Barrius: I'll need you to figure out that reason.
«You»: Does that mean we're going into his fortress?
Lord Barrius: Of course.
«You»: What if he tries to corrupt me like he did to Nith?
Lord Barrius: I will cast a spell to ensure that he does not corrupt you while you fight him.
«You»: Okay, but....

«Zooming beyond the hills, a horde of shadow monsters await you before you can reach Ultimon's Fortress.»

«You»: That's a lot of shadow monsters to cut through!
Lord Barrius: Let me worry about that. I can make an opening that will allow you to reach the fortress.
Lord Barrius: While you deal with that, I will deal with his army.
«You»: Are you sure you can handle that many alone?
Lord Barrius: Don't worry about me. Worry about yourself. Ultimon will likely have kept some of his men in the fortress to guard him.
«You»: Right....
Lord Barrius: Now then, you'll want to back up. A lot. Once I have made your opening, run for the fortress gates.

«You exit the scene to a safer distance. Lord Barrius raises Lodestar.»

Lord Barrius: I need you to carve our friend a pathway through the enemy ranks.
Lord Barrius: You'll have to release your restrictions, but do not worry, it shall be only for a moment.
Lodestar: ....if that is your wish, my lord.

«With a bright light beaming down on the shadow horde, a swift yet powerful blast decimates all the shadow monsters previously blocking your way to Ultimon's Fortress.»

Lord Barrius: Now then... while «You» heads inside, let's see how long I can keep these creatures from following.

«Scene: Within Ultimon's Fortress»

«You»: That was such a massive attack! I'd better be careful not to upset Lord Barrius in the future....
«You»: Anyways, let's get moving!
    See Shadow Mobs monster list below
    Full Heal after battles #2, #4 and #6
«You confront Ultimon in his chambers.»

Ultimon: Ah, «You», you're arrived.
«You»: Yes, and I expect some answers.
Ultimon: You want to know why I've been capturing fake shadow creatures from across Lore and turning them into true shadowkin?
«You»: Exactly. What's your goal in all of this?
Ultimon: I thought I told you. I seek to conquer the world and become its emperor.
Ultimon: Ah, but this is not a satisfactory answer to you. Very well then. I did it as part of a plan to gain freedom.
«You»: What?
Ultimon: My kin and I are bound to these lands, because of what we are. I sought out these false shadows not only to join them with us....
Ultimon: ....but also to obtain information about how they survive in Lore's environment.
Ultimon: And now I have gained enough information to begin my experiments. Soon, I will achieve my goals, and shadow creatures will be able to leave this territory without harm or death.
Ultimon: We will have adapted to the environment of Lore and we will be free to go anywhere.... and to conquer your lands.
«You»: I can't let that happen!
Ultimon: Of course not. However, neither can you hope to stop me. You pose little threat to me.
«You»: We'll see!
Ultimon: I shall prove it. Here is one of my first experimental creatures. Let us see if you can hope to face it and survive, must less one such as myself.«Ultimon unsheathes his shadowy blade.»

Ultimon: Impressive.... but still not good enough.

«With one strike of his shadow blade, Ultimon annihilates you. A Shadow Ghoul minion enters the scene.»

Ultimon: Dispose of «You» here. Throw him out the window for all I care. He can't be allowed to disrupt me any further.

«The Shadow Ghoul takes you away from his fortress. You recover and find yourself right where you started with Lord Barrius.»

«You»: Wha... what happened?
Lord Barrius: I found you outside of the fortress grounds. It seems after Ultimon defeated you, one of his minions simply dumped you outside, like mere trash.
Lord Barrius: ElBhe found you and we brought a healer to heal your injuries. Still, you slept for some time.
«You»: What about Ultimon?
Lord Barrius: I thought it more important to ensure your safety first. Besides, his armies have been... reduced in size. He will not threaten us for a while yet.
«You»: That's good... he told me he was experimenting with those fake shadow creatures to try to make shadowkin that can walk freely around Lore.
Lord Barrius: ...that seems to match up with my scouts' reports. They reported seeing some fledgling shadows leave The Veil without dying.
«You»: Then he's succeeded... and so soon, too...
Lord Barrius: The fledgings are weak, but more come by the day. Some will no doubt slip past our defenses.
Lord Barrius: Fortunately, without his army, it will be some time before he can strike again.
«You»: But when he does....
Lord Barrius: We will be ready. In the meantime, we plan and prepare. That will be all for today. Get some rest.
«You»: Right.
Lord Barrius: And one more thing... we have been working on a few special tools to improve our arsenal. Perhaps you would like to take a look?
Ultimon Part 2

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    Monster List

    Shadow Mobs
    Level 100-114
    Shadow Zard (106)
    Shadow Ghoul (106)
    Shadow Behemoth (106)
    Shadow BURP (106)
    Shadow Blecch (94)
    Shadow Braken (94)
    Corrupted Shadow Wolf (100)
    Corrupted Night Terror (100)

    Level 115-129
    Shadow Blecch (115)
    Shadow Braken (115)
    Shadow Alpha Werewolf (110)
    Shadow Vampire Lord (110)
    Brilliant Shade (110)
    Corrupted Shadow Wolf (115)
    Corrupted Night Terror (115)

    Level 130-144
    Shadow Zard (126)
    Shadow Ghoul (126)
    Shadow Behemoth (126)
    Shadow BURP (126)
    Shadow Blecch (136)
    Shadow Braken (136)
    Shadow Alpha Werewolf (130)
    Shadow Vampire Lord (130)
    Brilliant Shade (130)
    Corrupted Shadow Wolf (130)
    Corrupted Night Terror (130)

    Level 145+
    Brilliant Shade (150)
    Shadow Blecch (150)
    Shadow Braken (150)
    Shadow Behemoth (146)
    Shadow BURP (146)
    Shadow Ghoul (146)
    Shadow Zard (146)
    Shadow Alpha Werewolf (150)
    Shadow Vampire Lord (150)
    Corrupted Shadow Wolf (145)
    Corrupted Night Terror (145)

    Monster List thanks to Scakk.

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