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Lion's Roar

«Mastercraft Magic Light 100% Proc weapon. Has an Undead Trigger that boosts your damage with Light Spells.»

Also see: Lion's Growl, Lion's Cry, Lion's Yell

Level: 150
Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
Price: 24,205,167 Gold
Sellback: 12,102,583 Gold
Location: Failure to Communicant

Element: Light
Type: Magic
Damage: 19 - 29
BTH: 19

Hits: 4
Element: Light
Type: Magic
Damage: 139.75% Base and Random each
Stats: 277.50% each
BTH: +19 plus stats each
Rate: 100%
Note: This is treated as a normal player attack.

  • All light spell damage against Undead and Zombies deals 125%. This applies based on the individual hit of the spell, not the database element.
  • Deals *1.02 damage to account for having no real special. (Not Factored In.)

    This powerful wand is used by the casters of the Paladin Order to decimate all Undead foes before them. While held, it will power up all of your light spells to deal more damage against Undead!

    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Correction thanks to In Media Res and Golden Emperor.

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