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High Communicant's Zeal

«Fully-defensive Mastercraft Light armour. When casting a spell in the armor, you have a 25% chance to deal 50% more damage.»

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Level: 150
Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
Price: 48,410,333 Gold
Sellback: 24,205,166 Gold
Location: Failure to Communicant
Element: Light

Melee: +45
Ranged: +45
Magic: +45

Fire: 59%
Water: 59%
Wind: 59%
Ice: 59%
Earth: 59%
Energy: 59%
Light: 38%
Darkness: 60%

Hits: 2
Element: «As Weapon»
Type: «As Weapon»
Damage: 223.50% Base, 223.50% Random, and 444.00% Stats each
BTH: +19 plus Stats each

MASTERCRAFT BONUS: Regarding spell damage (from spell casting, or weapons, or a misc), you have a 25% chance of the spell dealing *1.5 damage.* (The chance is rolled separately per spell hit.)

FULL SET BONUS: If you also have the shield and weapon equipped, when doing a normal attack, you have a 8% chance of the armour becoming fully offensive (dealing *1.25/0.8 damage)**

*Divine energies boost the power of your spell!

This sacred armour not only provides impregnable Light resistance, it also has a chance to power up any spells you might use!

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Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Write Up Template thanks to Balu. Correction thanks to Avalonmerlin.

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