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Amulet of Drakonnan G

Also see Amulet of Drakonnan

Level: 145
Power Level: 148, MasterCraft
Price: 3,591,150 Gold
Sellback: 1,795,575 Gold
Location: AQ's 10th Anniversary: Act 3 - Drakonnan
Element: Fire

Activation: 0 turns

  • -10% Fire resistance
  • +50 INT
  • +9 Magic Defence

    Cost: 73 SP for activation and for every turn with the item equipped.

    No one knows for sure if this belonged to the evil and powerful Drakonnan, but it is said to greatly increase the wearer's intelligence and Fire resistance, and moderately increase magic defence!


    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Image thanks to Skull Kid. Description courtesy of Macho Man. Additional thanks to John Anderson Smith.

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