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What we are
Vehemently Driven follow's the mantra of people who drive or put pursuit with on a goal with a passion, And a group consisting strictly of some of the finest PvPers Aqw's easy kill system has to offer! To bring things to a brief and state the most paramount information, I'll give it in the next coming lines. We are much more distinguished from your average AQW "Clan." Why is that? Perhaps it may be due to the reason is that we all emit with a unique personality, that separates us from the mundane crowd. Some say we act with an arrogance that can be seen from a while away. Some of us may, some of us don't, however for those who do. There's a supporting reason why they can. They have the skills to assert so! If you don't like what they say, then I suggest you pick yourself up to a level where you can maintain a sustainable state to where you can actually offer us ANY competition. Here in VD we act more as a group that know each other closely, so we know each other very well. That's why we radiate with a colorful sting opposed to your average AQW PvP Groups.

We are a very reputable 4311 clan.
Ask around on 4311. People know who we are.

*Some background story*

Originally, we were members of the clan called Densetsu. There we some problems, and the clan disbanded. Almost half to a quarter of us(The core members of Densetsu) decided to stick together. And here we are :) We were strong just with that few of us, winning a ton of wars. Then we got some new members, which made us stupidly OP. We still are stupidly OP.

War Records:9-2

Note: It is to be emphasized that we are a pvping clan that follows the way of 4311, which means for wars, it will be held in private BB's, not DA. Look at our vids for examples.

1.) Vehemently Driven Vs. Beta(Clan War)
Win- 300-160
Vd's Participants- Xahanort, YellowBrightlight, Robin316
Beta's Participants- Dark Prince San, Sora1412, Dinh_Trinh67

2.) Vehemently Driven Vs. E1t1(Clan War)(7/24/12)
Vd's particpants-Xahanort, Martin xd_street, 309011, Niteslayer123
E1t1's participants-Goldslayers, Sir Dave, Tan0914, FoxxyFollower, jon_falan

3.) Vehemently Driven Vs. Undead Brotherhood(Clan War)(7/27/12)
Vd's participants-Xahanort, Crusuader111, Niteslayer123, Asiko123
Ub's particpants-Mechquest4, Milodara, Darkil, Shadowman131

4.)Vehemently Driven Vs. Calamity(Clan War)(8/2/12)
Lost 320-450
Vd's Participants-Xahanort, Niteslayer123, robin316, Martin_xd street, 10252514
Cy's Participants- theeslayer, firedog340, Dragon king 15, Eviction, Linebeck90

5.) Vehemetly Driven vs. Of the Duality (Clan War)(8/10/12)
Win- 300-10
Vd's Participants- niteslayer123, robin316, crusuader111
D's Participants- Swaglite15,Masterfreakse, Upper Kill 2

6.) Vehemently Driven vs. Beta(Clan War)(8/1712)
Vd's Participants- Xahanort, Zloks, Niteslayer123, X Alien
Beta's Participants- Dark Prince San, Crown Age, sora1412, Leafninja67

7.) Vehemently Driven vs. Of the Duality (Clan War)(8/20/12)
Vd's Participants- niteslayer123, xahanort, Zloks, asiko123
D's Participants- Swaglite15, Upper Kill 2, Seyed, Spaaartaaa

8.) Vehemently Driven vs. Violent Resolution (Clan War)(8/22/12)
Vd's Participants- niteslayer123, Zloks, 309011
Vr's Participants- Grimjaw 1, Seyed, 1234567891010

9.) Vehemently Driven vs. Zodiac (Clan War)(8/26/12)
Vd's Participants- niteslayer123, xahanort, Auszthine, Sandor (bellevue reject)
Z's Participants- tygarew, king Ari, Salamance980, hells guard

10.) Vehemently Driven vs. Death Legion(Clan War)(9/7/12)
Vd's Participants- niteslayer123, shadowman131, mrkillhappy
Dl's Participants-The inferno beast, iceland190, warriorknightlight

11.) Vehemently Driven vs. Beta(Clan War)(11/5/12)
Lost - 460-210
Vd's Participants-niteslayer123,grimjaw jaggerjack, xahanort, 123uyt
Beta's Participants- dark prince san, paralays, disturbed guardian, crusuader111

Sites <--Tour site(General info,vids to view for entertainment purposes if you wanna learn more about us, etc) <-- Member Exclusive site(Some vids are there to view) <-- Fanpage

Contacting Page(Requesting for a Pwar/War[BB only],joining the clan and requesting for alliances goes here) <-- Go here if you have questions. Main link to request stuff. <-- Like us on Facebook :3

Platinum Wolves
Omega Predators

Leaders of VD
- Ikrsss(Now Xahanort)
- NiteSlayer123
- GrimJaw JaggerJack

Homepage Competition

Clan number: 1025

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