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Suikoman444 -> Orc Hunt! (8/13/2005 13:00:17)

Orc Hunt! aka. Fight some Orcs! Hunt the Orcs Quest

Location: Battleon Click on Robina's Shop Quests! Fight some Orcs! OR
Location: Travel map Travel South Augerthorne Orc Hunt!

Warlic: Greetings, brave friend. Thank you for heeding my call for help! This is the edge of Augerthorne, a part of Lore that is in great need of help...
Warlic: A race of brutes called Orcs have been slowly driving the peoples of Augerthorne away from their homes. If you help to battle Orcs I will anchant a weapon for you...
Warlic: The Bone Cruncher Mace!
Warlic: If I can get 10 pieces of Flarinium, I can enchant a Bone Cruncher Mace and give you the weapon. A worthy reward for helping the people of Augerthorne.
Warlic: You will face many types of Orcs. Only one, the Orc Blasters, use Flarinium to power their weapons. Defeat 10 Orc Blasters and bring it to me.
Warlic: Are you up to the challenge?
Warlic: Good luck on your search! You must defeat 10 Blaster Orcs in order for me to enchant the mace.

D'Orc Weird
Orc Archer
Orc Blaster
Orc Footsoldier
Orc General
Orc Gladiator
Orc Mage
Orc Swordsman
Orc Warlord
Orc Wizard

Once you get the 10 pieces, Warlic will enchant the maces and a shop opens up where you can buy
Bone Crunch Energy Mace
Bone Crunch Solar Mace
Bone Crunch Ocean Mace
Bonecruncher Mace

Thanks to Keldorn2198, Suzetta and Cosinemaster. Locations from ~Cin~ and Bratac.

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