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Haunted Museum

Location: Mogloween '12- Soluna City --> Haunted Museum -> Circe -> Investigate Hauntings!
Objective: Congratulations! You made it out alive!
Requirements: None
Release Date: November 2nd, 2012

  • Mummy
  • Ghoul
  • Spectral Mecha

  • Jack
  • Dooder
  • Judy
  • River

    Jack: Hi, <Jane!> This should be fun! Ready to be spooked?
    <You>: Yeah! Circe made it sound like it's a work-in-progress, though...
    Jack: Oh you know how Circe is...
    River: No, it's more than that. The noises... shadows... rumors - this place is seriously dangerous!
    River: Ghost in the machine.... it means something. I'm sure of it!
    Judy: Oh, River: it's just weird stuff they're using to creep us out for the holiday. It's nothing to freak out about!
    Dooder: And this is going to be a fun adventure - anyone think to bring candy?
  • mmmcandyyyy!
    Jack: So this is exciting, <You>!
    Dooder: Hey, where's Circe?
    River: This is deja vu all over again...
  • Uh Oh!

    Jack: Hiya, <You! Let's go check out the Haunt- hey, did you guys just hear a noise?!
    Dooder: Uh oh...
    Jack: OK, <You>! Let's do this!
    <You>: Try to stick together, ok? Hey, you hear that?
    River: Dooder! Jack! Judy! <You>! Either it's a harmless prank or we're in a real trouble...
    <You>: Ok let's go check it out!
    River: Hey! Jane! Wait for us!

    (After defeating Spectral Mecha:)
    Jack: There you are, <You!> Where the heck did you go?! C'mon!
  • Yes!

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