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Vagaran -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/23/2013 13:03:22)


WOW that looks awesome :o

You should suggest that in the Character suggestion tread...

Leader -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/23/2013 13:35:16)

@Postamaster, It's a shame we aren't all as talented as you. :3

nermal -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/23/2013 14:28:34)

Some bugs are very creepy...

truevillianofworlds -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/23/2013 14:39:46)

Journey to Glory

It has five parts. Would you like to see more, let me know.

Tally -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/25/2013 0:07:11)

Poses/"animation" sequences of the Wandering Rogue

Beck -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/25/2013 13:08:19)

Nice! So the regular attack's kind of like Skexis/Ninja's? Fade in, stab, back-flip?
What does the dagger do after it connects? Cause Headless Syndrome? Explosion?

That looks amazing! Looks like someone's got a real Flare for character design :)

Tally -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/25/2013 16:36:26)

@Beck Kinda, yeah. It was kinda tricky to draw the effect I was thinking of for the dagger throw, but basically it's coated in magma and would both pierce and set the target on fire on contact. I know some of the poses seem kind of derpy but I'll improve over time xD this is my first OS design.

Postmaster General -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/25/2013 18:04:17)

Figured I'd share this as well :P In preparation for St. Patty's Day: Roulette!

Her evolution will be next: Lady Luck!

Mondez -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/26/2013 8:25:34)

Why so epic with flash???

Anyways my Abberant punishes Father Time 2012 for his insolence for continuing to stay here even though 2012 is gone: Iron Gentlemen

Skurge -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/26/2013 16:51:57)

@Postmaster General:

I didn't know you were so good with flash! And I've known you for a long time! (Kudos to you if you
can remember me).


ValkyrieKnight -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/26/2013 17:12:36)

Hahaha I went out to buy from the grocery store while in the Cards page and when I came back, my Paladin transformed into a earth apprentice.

So funny.

The Jop -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/26/2013 18:36:49)

That's a Peasant, not an Earth Apprentice.

ValkyrieKnight -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/26/2013 20:15:14)

@ Jop

lol ops, I don't have the character, but her colored change form is Water Apprentice XD

Tally -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/27/2013 1:19:19)

Battle of the Beasts

Postmaster General -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/27/2013 21:31:21)

Wasn't quite happy with my firework craftsman character. So I've upped the ante a bit. Thoughts?

truevillianofworlds -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/27/2013 22:32:54)

Halted Final Attack

Story: Being the battlefield tactician that he is, Ahrimanes saves up enough energy before the orcish brute can unleash his devastating final blow. Thrak comes down with an aggressive heavy attack shaking the defenses of the nearly beaten warrior. The orc plants another blow but fails to end his adversary with the second attack and tries for a third. He lifts up both of his axes that are much larger than Ahrimanes, slowly, opening a small window of opportunity. Ahrimanes takes his chance as he firmly thrusts his weapon into the chest of the brute. Ahrimanes pulls his spear out of the stunned orc who falls to the ground without being held up. The victor turns to leave his enemy behind in his current state before stopping and turning only his head back to the defeated orc. He spits on the ground next to him."Power is a terrible thing to let go to waste." Ahrimanes doesn't hesitate as he claims his enemy's body as his weapon for future battles.

ValkyrieKnight -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/27/2013 23:14:42)

@ PostMaster

When I see him, I think more of a Puppet Samurai / Wolfman / Wildman. You can notice the firecracker after looking closely at him but his puppet-like arm, wild / wolfman like face and gourd really takes away from it.

Beck -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/28/2013 1:15:40)

Here Adrix, best pals in the Ice and Snow.

ValkyrieKnight -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/28/2013 2:01:59)


Rofl ! Beck loves his Bug !

Beck -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/28/2013 9:31:45)

Yup, you know it xD
Yet another awesome thing about Ice Beetle: he's adorable, and pretty easy to draw. Jack on the other hand...

master x guardian -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/28/2013 16:41:29)

OverSoul- Farming Commentary:

Beck -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/28/2013 18:33:34)

I know you are sleeping, but whatever:
It's Master Dragon Knight and Mega Dragon Knight!

Thanks man, but I've just started playing with Photoshop :D
Like, I know how to sketch and draw things (just like drawing on paper now that I have a drawing tablet!), but I'm just learning how to color things still.
You know, that Jack and Beetle pic took considerably less effort, and was more enjoyable to do!
As soon as I rest (for like a week), I'll try to do more small, fun sketches like that.

almanac01 -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (2/28/2013 19:57:06)

Holy God Beck.
You are amazing at Photoshop.
Best Pals pic is the cutest though! ^O^

ValkyrieKnight -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (3/1/2013 7:53:14)

Yeah Beck that Dragon Knight is pretty!

~Self-censored swearing removed. Please remember that this is a family friendly forum and that all content must reflect that.

ValkyrieKnight -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (3/1/2013 20:10:03)

Who Won?

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