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XxAl PachinOxX -> watch/observe mode (11/5/2012 11:51:26)

hey everyone
just a brain wave just hit me...
emmmm it would be great if there was a watch mode so the newbies can watch and learn form it.
or the less experienced players can watch and have more ideas of what to do/when to do etc..
sometimes i don't feel like playing but i want to watch........just an idea what do you all think ?

SCAR -> RE: watch/observe mode (11/5/2012 13:58:35)

I think that the Ed Staff should make a Youtube channal containing how to play & use the classes, maybe explain some useful strategy's, because that "Did You Know" thing is really that useful to the rookies.

XxAl PachinOxX -> RE: watch/observe mode (11/5/2012 15:09:29)

@SCAR i do agree with you but watching a good player play live that would be really entertaining and helpfull

8x -> RE: watch/observe mode (11/5/2012 15:42:47)

A lot of "newbies" already copy current OPed builds and builds from good players. Would it really be a good idea to also show them how to use them?

Also, I'm not sure how devs would code this, but if 20 people would watch the same person at the same time it might create lag for them.

XxAl PachinOxX -> RE: watch/observe mode (11/6/2012 4:32:02)

@8x hmmm your right there...

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