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Zard Salvo

«An Earth Ranged 100% Proc Gun»

Also see: Zard Tosser, Zard FlinGer, Zard Shooter, Zard DiZpatcher, Zard Catapult, Zard Launcher, and Zard BarraGe

Level: 146
Power Level: 149
Price: 14,495,184 Gold
Sellback: 7,247,592 Gold
Location: MogZards!

Element: Earth
Type: Ranged
Damage: 13 - 50
BTH: 19

Hits: 3
Element: Earth
Type: Ranged
Damage: 214.63% Base and Random each
Stats: 424.95% each *
BTH: +18 plus stats each *
Rate: 100%
Note: This is treated as a normal Player attack.

*Stat bonus to damage is CHA/40 (with an additional +LUK/2, if a Lucky Strike occurs). Stat bonus to BTH is CHA/16 + DEX/16 + LUK/20.

This is like that gun that shoots bees, but that's been set from "horror" to "cute". It fires a swarm of adorable little BabyZards to nom your enemy into submission! The more charismatic you are, the fiercer the little guys become!

Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Write Up Template thanks to AVA. Basic Stats thanks to Xrai.


  • Starts out with 547% Base, 547% Rand, and 1083% Stats plus 18 BTH.

  • The attack deals *206/175 damage, due to the lack of a real Special.
  • With three equally strong hits, each hit does 33.33% damage.

    All this has ALREADY been factored into the above numbers.

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