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Dragoon23 -> Certificate of Absolute Victory (11/22/2012 22:13:29)

Certificate of Absolute Victory

Also see other Certificates of Victory ( Capable, Skilled Z, Skilled, Guardian Expert, and Consummate)

Level: 150
Power Level: 153
Price: 11,002,348
Sellback: 5,501,174
Location: Shhh! It's a Seekrat! - The SeekRat's Challenge
Element: Neutral

Activation: 1 turn
  • +45 STR
  • -7% Wind and Darkness resistance

    Cost: 30 SP for activation and for every turn with the item equipped.

    You may not have beaten the SeekRat in brains, but you clearly bested him in brawn! This certificate, taken from the SeekRat's satchel, will boost your STR, as well as your resistance to Wind and Darkness attacks!


    Write Up Template thanks to Koree. Numbers thanks to BlackAces.

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