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iidark -> Soulweavers (12/9/2012 3:26:17)


Guild Master: Asro

How do you join? Here's how.

How to join:
1. Be a respectful Person
2. Must never be rude
3. That's it!

Main Server: Galanoth

1. Never Discriminate
2. Be kind/nice to others
3. No cursing (inappropriate words)
4. No harassing other guild members
5. Have Fun!

Screenshot: N/A at the moment


Guild Members:

Spoderman -> RE: Soulweavers (12/29/2013 3:46:52)

Could i Join? My Char page is

kee nen -> RE: Soulweavers (12/29/2013 16:39:59)

Can i join

fallen sword -> RE: Soulweavers (12/30/2013 2:06:37)

I am Very much interested in joining your guild. Can I Join?

Here is my Character Page

Zerakath -> RE: Soulweavers (1/9/2014 16:06:23)

Can I join?

Here's My Character Page

ChaoDoomOverLord -> RE: Soulweavers (1/26/2014 16:00:42)

Yo, I am going to be Legend soon, and I want to have something until I have it, when I do, I will leave, I just want a Cool Clan until I get Legend.
Char Page here----->>>

Red Blue -> RE: Soulweavers (3/31/2014 7:45:19)

I Already Have Guild and All..,
But This Guild Seems Cool..,
Can i Ask How Many Slot Are in The Guild?
And Does The Ranking Up to Duffer>Member>Officer Need Some Kind of Requirment?
Like Level,Solo Certain Boss,Kill 100 Undead At Doomwood.., or Stuff?
Where is The HeadQuarter(Home Server) of This Guild?
If This Guild Has A Strong Build, I Might Gonna Join..,
And Throww Away The Guild That i make to a Dump..,

Jack23warrior -> RE: Soulweavers (4/16/2014 10:57:26)

LV. 26 (character page)

Hihiopi -> RE: Soulweavers (5/19/2014 13:21:21)

I am interested in joining your guild.

LegionMiltonius -> RE: Soulweavers (5/31/2014 23:37:55)

Hey, can I join this guild? Th reason why is that Soulweavers were so awesome in DF. My Char: magmaspider2099

Vongola the Wise -> RE: Soulweavers (6/20/2014 16:20:23)

I'd like to join

Here's me.

DominionZzZ -> RE: Soulweavers (10/5/2014 12:35:56)

may i join i play manly on galanoth here is my char page thanks for your time

MollyAncalime -> RE: Soulweavers (10/11/2014 20:53:13)

I'll join as well, if that's okay.

True_Mortals -> RE: Soulweavers (11/29/2014 19:23:37)

i wanna join too

Meliodias -> RE: Soulweavers (11/29/2014 21:05:57)

I'd like to join can we set a date and time you will be on in the server? this is me btw.

Davetar2 -> RE: Soulweavers (3/12/2015 22:09:19)

can I join the guild? Here's my character page

im2slick4ubro -> RE: Soulweavers (5/10/2015 5:29:59)

I'd love to join your Guild! Here's my Char Page & Yes it doesn't look very impressive that is because I have over 200 items in my bank.

Reikou -> RE: Soulweavers (8/27/2015 2:23:44)

Are you still accepting people for your guild? If so, here is my profile for consideration. Reikou Character Page

chubbypanda10 -> RE: Soulweavers (1/10/2016 6:15:42)

Hi ! Can I join this guild ? :)
Here's my character page:

I play aq every week :)

DAGEisCOOL -> RE: Soulweavers (1/10/2016 14:21:50)

Yo, I need a guild, can I join this one?

Secret_56 -> RE: Soulweavers (2/26/2016 12:42:16)

Hey looking for a guild if you guys are still recruiting please consider me

My Char page lvl 17 but i'm growing very quickly

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