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Dragoon23 -> Zadd the Golem Builder (12/12/2012 5:24:09)

Zadd the Golem Builder
Wind Element
Power 2
Level	64	
XP	935	
Gold	437	
Melee	35	
Ranged	20	
Magic	30	
STR	85	
DEX	55	
INT	105	
END	0	
CHA	20	
LUK	40	
Fire	100	
Water	120	
Wind	120	
Ice	100	
Earth	50	
Energy	100	
Light	120	
Dark	100	
  • This monster functions as a pack of monsters.
  • If Zadd hasn't been defeated yet and one of the golems has been defeated, then there is a chance of him calling reinforcements, and replacing one of the defeated golems. Zadd can do this at most six times (so, you have to defeat at most eight golems).
  • If at least one of the golems is still alive, then Zadd can't be damaged*.

    *The golem shields the Golem Builder from the attack!

    Zadd specializes in making Golems of all types. He plans on taking over the Skraeling Desert with his army of Golems. Can you stop him? Discovered by Owesh and Smashycomman.
    Old Image

    Thanks to Apple. Element from donedude385.

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