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Black Widow Brain Spider
Also see other Brain Spiders: Nymph, Imago, Jumping, Tarantula, Black Widow, Wolf

Darkness Element
Power 1
Level	88
XP	3412
Gold	1073
Melee	40
Ranged	35
Magic	40
STR	150
DEX	80
INT	80
END	50
CHA	50
LUK	30
Fire	110
Water	100
Wind	90
Ice	80
Earth	110
Energy	100
Light	120
Dark	40
  • If its Ranged attack connects, you get wrapped up in web*.
  • If you are wrapped in web, you may lose a turn after it completes an attack.**.
  • When its third Melee attacks connects, there is a chance of you losing 12 INT***.

    * - The sticky web wraps around you!
    ** - You can't break free of the web!
    *** - The Brainspider gnaws on your head, feasting on your brains!

    A horrible abomination of Drakel magiscience and Brilhado necromancy.

    It grows stronger as it feeds on the intelligence of its opponents!

    Credits to ssjgoku5, noamba, RASTAFARIAN, Crimson Sin, Dark Paladin and Windy.

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