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whackybeanz -> Captain Rhubarb (12/12/2012 9:39:10)

Captain Rhubarb
NOTE: This monster is commonly Level-Scaled to Your Level + 10.

Water Element
Power 2
Level	60
XP	660
Gold	341
Melee	35
Ranged	35
Magic	30
STR	60
DEX	60
INT	60
END	60
CHA	60
LUK	60
Fire	100
Water	70
Wind	90
Ice	100
Earth	110
Energy	130
Light	80
Dark	120
The captain of the swiftest ship on the seas! It has to be fast, because a pirate like this does tend to make more than a few enemies in far off places.

Credits to Minion of Poelala and TheKholdOne.

whackybeanz -> RE: Captain Rhubarb (12/12/2012 9:39:28)

Captain Rhubarb
Energy Element
Level	60
XP	0
Gold	0
Melee	25
Ranged	30
Magic	25
STR	100
DEX	50
INT	100
END	80
CHA	50
LUK	20
Fire	80
Water	20
Wind	120
Ice	80
Earth	100
Energy	100
Light	50
Dark	120
  • You do not fight him. Instead you get the following dialogue:
      Captain Rhubarb: Ahoy there! It's good that you bumped into me. I be needing yer help with a very important task.
      Captain Rhubarb: My last crew came to a horrible fate. They was lollygagging in their berths when a giant beauty of a monster came up from the depths.
      Captain Rhubarb: It tossed me ship like a green salad. The crew, those brave lads, did their best to survive, but the monster ate every one of them.
      Captain Rhubarb: I escaped with me life, but my men and treasure are now in a watery grave. I be needing a new ship, and that's where you come in.
      Captain Rhubarb: I need a ton of gold to build a new ship. One with the biggest cannons in the fleet! A strong crew and plenty of rations to keep us at sea.
      Captain Rhubarb: So, how much gold can you give me? I'd earn it myself, but I'm feeling a little under the weather right now.
    • 0
    • 10
    • 100
    • 1000

        10 / 100 / 1000 Gold
        Captain Rhubarb: Thanks! I knew a land lubber like yourself could be counted on when times are dire.

        «Gold given is transferred to Captain Rhubarb's staff character.»
        0 Gold
        Captain Rhubarb: None? Are ye a Pirate too? Can't let go of your loot? May Barnacles grow on ye backside!
    «Either way, the battle ends.»

    Write-up by Liang.

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