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Drakel Militia Group
Energy Element
Power 1
Level	94
XP	7471
Gold	1121
Melee	40
Ranged	35
Magic	40
STR	150
DEX	100
INT	100
END	50
CHA	50
LUK	75
Fire	90
Water	100
Wind	100
Ice	120
Earth	90
Energy	50
Light	100
Dark	110
  • The Drakel Destroyer's element is randomly selected at the beginning of battle, with a chance of it switching elements each turn. Each option has an equal (1/9) chance of occuring.
  • This monster functions as a pack of three Drakel. The highest one in the pack will always be a Drakel Destroyer.
  • If any Drakel (other than the Drakel Destoryer) is killed, it may be replaced by a new Drakel on the monster's turn. This only functions if the Drakel Destroyer is still alive.
  • The group's element changes to the element of the last Drakel that attacked. The first time this happens:
      Drakel: You are no match for me, adventurer! With your puny «Current Equipped Weapon» and wearing that silly «Current Equipped Armor»... You will not survive long!
    • Huh?
    A small group of somewhat elite Drakel led by an almost elite Drakel Destroyer. They got lost fighting in a war somewhere, and wandered into you by mistake.

    Original entry by In Media Res. Dialogue from DragonUltraMaster and image from balubamboto.

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