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Wrap Artist
Also see other mummies: Wrap Artist, King Butt, Band-Aid Bob, Linen Larry, Duddy

Energy Element
Power 1
Level	7	
XP	18	
Gold	16	
Melee	24	
Ranged	24	
Magic	29	
STR	20	
DEX	10	
INT	0	
END	0	
CHA	5	
LUK	0	
Fire	175	
Water	120	
Wind	90	
Ice	120	
Earth	90	
Energy	120	
Light	175	
Dark	70	
A mummy by any other name is still a mummy...

When hit with its Ranged attack, you can be entangled in the bandages*. This skips your turn, and allows the Mummy to attack again. You get two Saving Rolls to avoid this - one apparently based on your DEX**, and one apparently based on your STR***.

*The mummy's rotting bandages wrap around you, and you cannot break free!
**You quickly evade the grasp of the mummy's bandages!
***The mummy's bandages wrap around you, but you burst free of them!

Stats, image, and effect from arnulfinho.

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