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Young Sand Dragon
Also see other Sad Dragons: Baby, Young, źNormal╗, Fulguris, Isako

Earth Element
Power 2
Level	45	
XP	217	
Gold	134	
Melee	39	
Ranged	44	
Magic	34	
STR	45	
DEX	50	
INT	30	
END	30	
CHA	30	
LUK	40	
Fire	90	
Water	135	
Wind	50	
Ice	90	
Earth	25	
Energy	185	
Light	90	
Dark	90	
No one has ever seen a Sand Dragon before now! Something very important must have happened to draw them out... This dragon is still young but it's still a dangerous foe.

  • Immunity to paralysis.
  • At the beginning of battle, there is the chance of the dragon paralysing you in terror*. This allows it to attack first and possibly gain extra attacks.
  • If you are hit by the second hit of its breath attack, you have a chance** of being bogged down by sand***. This wears off after a few turns****, and reduces your BTH.
  • When hit by a Water attack, its Combat Defence of that type increases by 1.

    *You are stricken with terror, allowing the Young Sand Dragon to attack freely.
    **The dragon's sandy breath spreads everywhere but you manage to avoid the worse of it!
    ***The dragon's sandy breath spreads everywehere, and you suddenly feel itchy!
    ****You managed to get rid of enough of the sand to fight properly again!


    Special correction from ShadowXXX and Ryashi.

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