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Young Wyvern
Wind Element
Power ??

Also see Wyvern Hatchling, Wyvern, Great Wyvern, Ancient Wyvern.
Note: This monster no longer exists. It has been revamped and is know Cyclone Wyvern (20)

Level	17	
XP	95	
Gold	79	
Melee	40	
Ranged	30	
Magic	35	
STR	25	
DEX	40	
INT	0	
END	20	
CHA	0	
LUK	0	
Fire	97	
Water	107	
Wind	67	
Ice	107	
Earth	117	
Energy	97	
Light	77	
Dark	97	
Wyverns are creatures of legend...but aren't they all? Smaller cousins of dragons, they fill a more bird-like niche in the dragon heirarchy, and are more susceptible to outside influences. Fax0r is renowned as the authority on these creatures.

  • During its turn, it can enter a hovering state. Hitting it returns it to its normal state. In it, its Combat Defences increase to:
    ......Melee: 115
    ......Ranged: 55
    ......Magic: 85
  • If it is in a hovering state at the beginning of its turn, it has a special attack that deals massive damage.

    Thanks in part to ShadowXXX. Image thanks to Windy

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