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Vamp Handmaiden
See also other vamps: Vamp Adept, Dracovamp Adept, Vamp Handmaiden, Dracovamp Handmaiden

Darkness Element
Power 3
Level	105	
XP	54678	
Gold	13670	
Melee	45	
Ranged	45	
Magic	50	
STR	90	
DEX	130	
INT	155	
END	0	
CHA	150	
LUK	0	
Fire	108	
Water	108	
Wind	48	
Ice	8	
Earth	8	
Energy	48	
Light	158	
Dark	-42	
  • Her normal attack heals her HP based on the damage dealt.
  • If the third hit of her attack hits, you lose 4-8 Levels and an appropriate number of stat points. The Handmaiden gains the drained stat points.
  • At the beginning of her turn, you make a save roll. If you succeed, you proceed normally*. Otherwise, you take a penalty to your BTH and to all your Combat Defences until the Vamp's next turn**. The penalty is based equal to 5 + [Vamp'sCHA/10], rounded normally (so it starts at -20, and changes as her CHA changes).

    *Your strength of will overcomes the vampires unearthly presence!
    **You are besotted with the vampires unearthly presence! (- to BtH/Defence)

    One of the innermost circle of Safiria's elite bodyguards and assassins this vampiress is a dangerous warrior and to make things worse this deadly vixen has a surprise up her mesh sleeve...


    Thanks to xXGothmogXx, Aenima, siddiqui2007, and Mortus Est. Image from DragonUltraMaster. New XP/Gold/Defences and description from DragonUltraMaster. Correction from Kosiciel.

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